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Your Poll Results Are In! The Best Carrier for iPhone is…

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When it comes to your iPhone, knowing as much as you can about carrier information is crucial. Curious about which network provider is the best for your iOS device? The results are in! We asked and you voted on which network carrier you prefer for your iOS device. Below we expand on what iOS users choose as their favorite network as far as pricing, speed, and overall coverage.


Above is an infographic which sums up the findings of the poll results as well as external information on mobile carriers. It seems that iOS users believe pricing for Verizon and AT&T are the best. Verizon seems to be a popular choice for not just coverage, but network speed and pricing as well. Verizon had 40.5% of users votes as their favorite for network speed for iPhone and 36.2% of users voted AT&T. Across the board, users voted Verizon first and AT&T second. Apparently, there is no substitute for coverage of iOS devices. Verizon was voted first for coverage by far. With 33% of all votes, Verizon was voted as the best plan for pricing. AT&T fell just short of this with 29.5% of user votes. When it came to carriers such as Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and Tracfone iOS users were less than impressed. The combined total of all three carriers adds up to just above six percent of all votes.

Our users agree that Verizon is the best network coverage, but is this actually true? The short answer: yes. According to the analysis website Rootmetrics, Verizon passes several network tests with flying colors. After conducting a nationwide survey and performing countless experiments they found that Verizon earned first place in overall performance, network reliability, network speed, data performance, and call performance categories. Overall results for Rootmetrics found that Verizon was the most reliable with exceptional network speeds. As demonstrated in the infographic Rootmetrics scored Verizon close to 90% on all categories for network reliability and speed as well as call and data performance. The most impressive element of this analysis is that Verizon scored 96% when it came to network reliability. Although Rootmetrics did not conduct their study specifically for iOS devices, the results can be justly applied when it comes to network statistics.



Although Verizon comes out victorious in every category, it seems that AT&T came in a close second. As well with our poll results, Rootmetrics found that on a national level AT&T pulled ahead of all other networks making it a very tight race.

With just 9.7% of votes, users Voted T-Mobile as fourth in provider plan for pricing just behind smaller network providers such as Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and TracFone. Sprint was barely above T-Mobile with just 10.9% of user votes. According to Rootmetrics, T-Mobile came in last with overall network performance below Sprint. It placed last in network reliability, call performance, and text performance. Sprint placed last in network speed and data performance. However, our poll showed that users believed that Sprint was better than T-Mobile for network speed. 10.1% of users voted Sprint as favorite provider for network speed, with T-Mobile at only 8.7%. Although there are a few discrepancies, it seems that opinion on network coverage is congruent with actual performance and reliability tests.


Verizon has been known for boasting they have the best coverage in the nation, and it seems that they have more than earned the right to do so. When it comes to reliability and speed, downloading and data is most important. Rootmetrics again decided to put these carriers’ claims to the test. As demonstrated in the graph above, Verizon had the highest speed download with 77.4% at about 15 MB per second. Surprisingly, AT&T and T-Mobile are in tight competition with just below 50% of their download speed at above 5 MB per second. However, AT&T did have 13% of their download speed at about 15 MB per second as compared to T-Mobile at only 6.2 % at 15 MB per second. Other tested carriers could not even compete with a majority of their download speed being below 1.5 MB per second.

Verizon continues to impress nationwide and continually ups their performance. Users and analysts agree the Verizon is the best; however AT&T is not far behind. If you are unhappy with your current network coverage of your iOS device then maybe you should consider Verizon as an alternative, or perhaps AT&T. Keep checking back with iDrop for more polls and opinions on network coverage for your iPhone.



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