You’ll Soon Be Able to Play Xbox One Games on Your iPhone or iPad

Play Xbox Games On Iphone Credit: iDeviceMovies
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Xbox One owners may soon be able to stream their favorite games from their consoles to their iPhones or iPads, according to a new leak.

The feature will be part of Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, which will allow users to stream games to various other devices. The xCloud service, essentially, is a way for users to play Xbox games on hardware that would usually be incapable of doing so.

Project xCloud

One version of the xCloud concept would see a select number of games rendered from Microsoft server’s in the cloud. But another version would essentially turn a user’s Xbox into a server, allowing them to play content on mobile devices over a home network.

That second feature may be on its way very soon, sources close to the matter told WindowsCentral. The sources also shared some alleged screenshots of a configuration menu with the outlet.

One of those screenshots tease a feature called “Console Streaming,” which promises to “turn your Xbox One into your own personal xCloud server.”

Importantly, this personal server feature will allow users to stream their entire game library, including titles from Xbox Game Pass, to their mobile devices. The other cloud-based version of xCloud will only support games that have been selected by Microsoft.

Another image appeared to advise users to continue setup on the Preview app on their mobile device. It also instructs users to use a Bluetooth-enabled controller to continue.

It isn’t clear when the xCloud feature will actually debut, but Microsoft may announce its release date sometime during the Gamescom event — which is currently taking place in Germany.

Gaming on iOS and iPadOS

Streaming games to mobile devices isn’t new. Playstation has supported game streaming to iOS devices via Remote Play since earlier this year. Steam also supports iOS and tvOS streaming with its Steam Link platform.

Apple has also taken steps to improve gaming on iOS and iPadOS devices. In iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple has added the ability to use Playstation’s DualShock 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One S game controllers on an iPhone or iPad.

iOS 13 is currently in beta testing, but should launch to the public sometime next month alongside new iPhones.

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