You Need to Consider This Before Waiting to Order That New iPhone

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If you’re thinking about waiting to get a new iPhone, you might want to think again. Smartphone shortage is a real thing, and it’s impacting every tech giant in the world – and that includes Apple. 

The iPhone 13 is already pretty hard to get right now. Due to an ongoing chip shortage, smartphone manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with the demand. A lot of people want the latest and greatest iPhone, but Apple hasn’t been able to keep up, albeit it isn’t the only company with this problem.

It May Become Harder to Find an iPhone These Next Months

People are already facing problems getting an iPhone these days, but it seems like this problem will continue throughout the following year

It all started because of the pandemic. This health crisis led many chip suppliers to reduce their production and now every company is starting to become affected by it. 

This problem is supposed to continue throughout 2022, and it’s possible that even longer than that. So gadgets and other types of tech will become harder to come by.

Apple Isn’t the Only One Affected

If you’re thinking about switching to another smartphone, you should know that every big company has been hit with this chip shortage. Smartphone shipments worldwide fell because of this, and smartphone sales went down by about 6% since the shortage started to affect tech companies. In fact, Apple had managed to keep up with smartphone demand, which was why it gained more customers over the past few months. Unfortunately, the chip shortage is finally catching up to Apple.

What Should You Do?

Whether you’re looking to buy an iPhone or any other smartphone, there’s no time like the present. Apple already shared the best possible dates to buy a new device if you want to get it before the holiday season, not just the iPhone. 

  1. If you want to order an iPhone 13, an iPhone 12, or an iPhone SE, you can do so until December 22.
  2. If you want an iPhone 11, you should order it by December 15. 

Keep in mind that these dates aren’t written in stone. Apple may change them based on the stock available. So, if you can, you should consider ordering an iPhone as soon as possible. 

Of course, you can also wait to buy an iPhone or any smartphone, especially if you don’t really need one right now. For iPhone users with the iPhone XS or XR or newer model, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wait until next year. 

Although, it’s worth noting that it’s possible for iPhones and other gadgets to increase in price because of the shortage. The PS5 is a great example. Because of the shortage, the PS5 is selling for at least twice as much as Sony planned. 

The point is, make sure you won’t need a new iPhone 13 now or in the next few months – or if not, buy it as soon as you can. See iPhone 13 stock on Amazon, here

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