You Can Now Get More for Your Old iPhone as Apple Boosts Trade-in Values

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It looks like Apple is once again adjusting the maximum trade-in values for previous iPhone models and other older hardware, and while it’s the usual mixed bag of ups and downs, there is some good news for anybody who might be looking to upgrade their iPhone 11 or iPad Pro.

While iPhone trade-in values plunged last year just after the iPhone 12 launched, by December Apple was offering a bit of hope for Apple Watch and iPad trade-ins, and now we’re seeing some similar gains elsewhere.

It’s the iPad Pro that arguably fares the best now, as it already gained $25 in trade-in value late last year, and has now jumped an extra $45, all the way up to $580.

The changes were spotted this morning by MacRumors, which notes that while most of the numbers have dropped, the trade-in values for at least some older iPhones have increased by a few bucks across the board.

For example, the maximum trade-in value of an iPhone 11 Pro Max goes up to $15 to $515, while the iPhone 11 Pro jumps only by $5 to $465. The standard iPhone 11, however, sees a $20 increase, now maxing out at $380.

The iPhone 6s also gets a slight $5 bump, going up to $65. While that’s not much, it’s still not bad for a six-year-old iPhone.

Meanwhile, trade-in values for the standard iPad have dropped from $250 down to $235.

Macs Plunge… Again

Sadly, it’s not all sunshines and roses, and if you’re considering a new MacBook you’d better hope you already locked in a good trade-in value for your old one last month.

  1. MacBook Air — down to $530 (was $600)
  2. 12-inch MacBook — down to $340 (was $380)
  3. iMac Pro — down to $2,940 (was $3,040)
  4. iMac — down to $1,050 (was $1,180)
  5. Mac mini — down to $770 (was $830)

The iMac Pro and 12-inch MacBook are both discontinued products (the iMac Pro only recently), so those drops are a bit less surprising.

In every case, however, it’s important to remember that these are the maximum trade-in values that Apple will offer. There’s no guarantee you’d get these top prices, as the actual valuation will be based on the condition of your device and its specific configuration.

In fact, since the trade-in values technically include Apple’s latest M1 Macs, you might find yourself getting even less for an older Intel-based Mac. We’re not sure who would actually be trading in an M1 Mac right now, but those would presumably be some of the few models to hit the top of the Mac mini and MacBook Air scale.

If you’re looking to trade in your old iPhone, iPad, or Mac, however, it’s also worth keeping in mind that Apple isn’t the only game in town, and other retailers and trade-in companies might provide slightly higher values. They do tend to all be in the same ballpark, however.

Of course, if you’re looking for maximum value for your device, you’re far better selling it off privately on a service like Craigslist or eBay, especially if it’s a more recent model that’s in good condition.

Trade-in programs like Apple’s are certainly more convenient, as you don’t have to deal with the process of finding a legitimate buyer, but it’s a convenience you’re paying for in the form of lower trade-in values.

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