Who Is Apple TV+ For? Several Answers to a Surprisingly Tough Question

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Apple TV+ has not had a good 2020. Even in late 2019, it struggled to find an audience for any of its original content, with Truth Be Told the closest thing to a hit the service has had yet – and it hasn’t been that much of a hit.

With social distancing measures widespread, 2020 presented a great opportunity for people to spend more time with their streaming services and for Apple to win its audience at last. That didn’t happen.

Not only has Apple TV+ had a lack of new content to appeal to any potential buyers, it’s also doing pretty bad in surveys, too. In the latest Customer Satisfaction Index for video streaming, Apple TV+ landed in 12th place, far behind the front runners Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (and, ironically, Apple’s own TV app).

Ultimately, Apple TV+ has tried to check all the right boxes – affordable subscription, widely available streaming, original content that’s won awards – but has failed to find an audience. Which raises the question: what audience would make TV+ a hit? What sort of people does Apple need to find to get this service off the ground? And, if you aren’t sure yet, is TV+ worth your subscription? Let’s take a look at the most likely audience groups to enjoy Apple’s streaming service – and could save the service from further downturn.

People with Only One Streaming Service

Here’s an interesting statistic: The average subscriber tends to have two to three subscriptions to streaming services. A few have more than that, but two or three services seems to be the line where most people have all the streaming/subscription fees that they can handle.

This is one likely reason that Apple TV+ is having a hard time finding an audience. Everyone interested in purchasing a new streamer is already maxed out for what they can handle (many recently by picking up Disney+).

That also indicates that TV+ may be far more attractive for those who just have one streaming service, and are still undecided on getting more. This group has more bandwidth for another streamer and is undecided about what’s right for them to add. It’s also a group that will potentially be more willing to try out the free trials you get for Apple TV when purchasing an Apple device.

Those Looking for a Reliable Source of Family Friendly TV

Apple’s goal with TV+ content has been pretty clear: It wants to focus on family-friendly fare that’s easy for the whole family to digest. So far Disney+ has taken the edge in this field for obvious reasons, but don’t count Apple out of the game yet.

Take a look at Apple’s hits and original content, and you’ll see lots of inspiring documentaries, family dramas, broad mystery miniseries, remakes of Amazing Stories and Fraggle Rock, and hits drawn directly from popular kid and teen fictions like Ghostwriter. There’s also more mature content like The Morning Show, the post-apocalyptic See, and Shyamalan’s Servant, but overall the service is one of the most friendly for growing families. Has Apple capitalized on that? Not really – but it should, and your family should probably take a look.

Fans Who Like Rooting Out Gems

Another thing you may have noticed about the content we’re talking about: There’s a surprising number of familiar faces. Apple spared no expense getting some real talent for its OC, and that has led to some fairly exciting offers, along with a few notable awards.

In addition to miniseries directed by Shyamalan and sci-fi starring Jason Momoa, we also have dramas featuring Steve Carrel, mysteries with Chris Evans, a crime drama with Octavia Spencer, alternate-history escapades along the lines of Man in High Castle, and niche docs packed with unique explorations.

That means TV+ is a hit pick for someone who likes finding the gems none of their friends know about yet, the latest things that their favorite stars are showing up in. Let’s face it: Apple has had no problem marketing this hipster angle before, and this is a great time to lean into it.

Viewers Who Want to Get the Most Original Content for the Least Money

Apple has promised “new original content” every month, but except for some new episode releases, the original content has slowed down to barely a trickle. Apple clearly hopes to improve this with promises of more new content, especially later in 2020.

The advantage is that there’s nothing specifically wrong with Apple’s original content, and for newcomers there’s quite a lot of it. At $5 per month (or one of the free trial options), if you’re looking to binge as much new content as you can, that’s a pretty great deal.

Patient Fans of Cult Classics

On a final note, Apple is planning on increasing its library by buying older movies and shows to add to its library, as well as some live content. Of course, it has to find old movies and shows that haven’t yet been licensed exclusively to other streaming services (a tactic that Amazon Prime already followed). That leaves – you guessed it – a lot of indie hits and cult movies that have managed to slip under the radar or been left alone by all the others. That’s great news for those who like to find the weird, rare, or lost-in-time content they can’t get on any other streamers.

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