Streaming Hack? Bundle Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for Only $12.99mo

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With this awesome 3-in-1 bundle, you have more to stream than ever before without breaking the bank.

If you’re still using Netflix as your only streaming video platform, you’re doing it all wrong. There are so many options to choose from, all with their own unique content libraries. Some of the newest to join the fray are Apple and Disney, with Apple TV+ and Disney+. But what do you get by adding a +? A whole lot of options, that’s what.

Most new Apple customers can get a whole year of Apple TV+ for free and Disney+ is just $6.99 per month after the free trial. But why stop there?

Hulu offers episodes of most popular shows the day after they air, and ESPN+ offers several live sports streams and premium on-demand content.

Typically, adding Hulu and ESPN+ would cost you an extra $11 per month; but right now, you can bundle both services with your Disney+ subscription and pay just $12.99 for all three services.

So, What Does $12.99 Per Month Get You?

Disney’s popular new streaming service offers content for the whole family. From Disney classics to modern blockbusters, there is something for literally everyone.

Additionally, there is plenty of original content exclusive to Disney+ subscribers. Hulu gives you all of your favorite on-air TV shows, and adding ESPN+ is the cherry on top for most sports fans.


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ESPN is a leading authority in sports entertainment, and with their premium subscription service you get all that they have to offer, both at home and on the go. Choose from thousands of live events, watch exclusive ESPN originals, and the full 30 for 30 library. Additionally, ESPN+ subscribers qualify for exclusive UFC pay-per-view events and can stream or download on up to three devices at once.



Hulu lets you stream thousands of shows and movies. It features original content such as The Handmaiden’s Tale, and has lots of available add-on extras, like ad-free streaming, live TV, and more.

Watch shows like How It’s Made, The Masked Singer, South Park, 9-1-1, and Seinfeld. Check out hit movies like Instant Family, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Escort, Creed II, and A Simple Favor. Let your kids enjoy a plethora of content, including Rango, Missing Link, Hercules, and Curious George. And discover exclusive Hulu Originals, like Dollface, Castle Rock, Veronica Mars, and Marvel’s Runaways.

Hulu is one of the most versatile streaming services on the market, with add-ons such as live TV.


Disney Plus

One of the most anticipated streaming services of the year is finally here. Disney+ offers a lot of content. So much content they uploaded a 3+ hour video to YouTube showcasing all there is to choose from! See below.

Disney+ isn’t just limited to traditional Disney movies. Disney-owned franchises Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and even National Geographic, are featured as well. In addition, Disney classics such as Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Snow White are officially out of “The Vault” and ready to watch. Disney+ also offers all-new original content, such as a live-action Lady and the Tramp and a brand new Star Wars series: The Mandalorian. New episodes of Disney+ shows are added on Fridays.

Here are a few things you can expect to find on Disney’s jam packed streaming platform.

✅ Originals

  1. Pixar in Real Life
  2. The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  3. High School Musical: The Musical – The Series
  4. Noell
  5. The Mandalorian
  6. Forky asks a Question
  7. One Day at Disney
  8. Lady and the Tramp (2019)

✅ Classics

  1. Sleeping Beauty
  2. Bambi
  3. The Little Mermaid
  4. The Jungle Book
  5. Cinderella
  6. Aladdin
  7. Beauty and the Beast
  8. Robin Hood
  9. The Muppet Movie
  10. The Lion King
  11. Pochahontas
  12. Mary Poppins
  13. The Sword in the Stone
  14. The Rescuers
  15. Alice in Wonderland
  16. Dumbo
  17. Pinocchio
  18. Peter Pan
  19. The Love Bug

✅ Popular Hits and Recent Releases

  1. Frozen
  2. Toy Story 3
  3. Avengers End Game
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
  5. Finding Dory
  6. Coco
  7. Captain Marvel
  8. Avatar
  9. Iron Man 3
  10. Moana
  11. Tron

The list goes on and on and on. There is also vintage Disney content like The Reluctant Dragon (1941) and The Plausible Impossible (1956); and a variety of documentaries.

Why Bundle?

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services available today and features TV episodes the day after they air. ESPN+ makes it easy to stay up-to-date on all the best sports games. And Disney+ has so much content your head might explode.

By itself Disney+ is $6.99 per month, and Hulu and ESPN are $5.99 and $4.99, respectively.

Just getting Disney+ and Hulu would cost you $12 per month. Bundling gets you ESPN+ for just $1 more. It’s kind on a no-brainer seeing how much content you get for about the cost of a pizza.

You can sign up for the $12.99 bundle here. Once active, you can choose to add on additional services such as Hulu with Live TV. The discount will still apply.

Some Things to Note

It’s important to note that not all games are available on ESPN+ and that blackout dates may apply. This is typical of most streaming services, but it’s something to be aware of. I’m a Utah Jazz fan, and while I can follow the games, get updates, see detailed game statistics, view player stats, and view short clips and highlights, live coverage of the games has not been available. Again, this is standard for most streaming services, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Hulu is ad-supported by default, but you can choose to upgrade to an ad-free plan. Hulu also offers live TV and a variety of other add-ons.

Disney+ offers a three-month discount on Starz, and new customers can get it for $5 per month following a seven-day free trial. The price is valid for three months and may not apply to existing or previous Starz subscribers. Starz features hit movies like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Venom, and The Other Guys. It also has original content, including Outlanders, Power, and The Girlfriend Experience. After the three-month discount, the price is $8.99 per month.

Other Great Streaming Services to Combine with this Bundle

The Disney+ bundle is the ultimate streaming deal. There are other services you may want to consider getting as well to add even more to your entertainment experience. As mentioned earlier, Apple TV+ can be free for one year (and is later $4.99 per month), and Disney+ customers can get Starz for three months at $5 per month.

Netflix is a classic as far as streaming goes. Amazon Prime customers get content through Prime Video. CBS All Access features plans starting at $5.99.

You can also check out Apple TV channels, which lets you subscribe to multiple services and stream right from the Apple TV app.

Speaking of the Apple TV app, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ integrate with the app, allowing you to search, play, and resume content all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of your burning questions.

What if I have a family?

Both Hulu and Disney+ allow you to create profiles for your family members. Kids can have a unique profile that limits the content available.

How can I watch?

Apple users can watch on all of their devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. Users can also use Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast; or online using a supported web browser.

Is there a “screen limit”?

  1. Hulu is limited to two screens, but this can be increased for a price. Up to six profiles can be created.
  2. Disney+ supports up to four devices simultaneously and is limited to seven user profiles.
  3. ESPN+ supports up to three concurrent streams.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note, you may not be eligible for certain offers in the future. This is typical of most streaming services.

Are new movies available right after release?

No. Some content is exclusive to the platforms; but movies are not added immediately following release. Many Disney movies can be purchased on iTunes for $15–$20.

Is 4K available?

Yes. Disney+ includes 4K and HDR for some titles at no additional cost. Hulu offers some content in 4K—but not a lot—and does not feature HDR. As for ESPN+, it does not support 4K at this time.

Is the Bundle Worth It?

If you haven’t checked out Disney+ yet, or if you want to bundle your streaming services, now is a great time to start. Test the service out and enjoy great content – $12.99 is a steal of a deal. You can sign up for the Disney+ bundle deal by clicking here.

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