What’s the True Cost of Owning an iPhone X?

What's the True Cost of Owning an iPhone X? Credit: Mobile Syrup
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It’s been less than a week now since Apple took the wraps off its latest and most advanced iPhones yet — the next-generation iPhone 8/8 Plus and all-new iPhone X. Of course, while the former of those flagships have already gone up for pre-order and should begin shipping as early as this week, the latter, OLED display-equipped handset still has a few weeks to go before it hits pre-order channels on October 27th. Although, if you’re interested in being among the first to pick up an iPhone X, you better be prepared to pay handsomely.

But how much will Apple’s iPhone X actually cost? We’re not just talking about the phone, itself, mind you, but also other ownership costs such as insurance coverage, external protection like cases and screen covers, and, of course, don’t forget you’ll need to pick up a Qi-enabled charging pad in order to use the handset’s new wireless charging feature.

Base Cost of iPhone X

  • In the U.S., customers will be able to pick up a 64 GB iPhone X for $999, while a variant that quadruples the onboard SSD storage to 256 GB will be available for $1,149.
  • International customers, meanwhile, can expect to pay a premium for their iPhone X, with prices ranging from CAD$1,319 ($1,080.52) in Canada, to as much as ?79,990 ($1,390.30) for a 64 GB model in Russia, according to Business Insider.

Insurance Options

Of course, nobody in their right mind would drop $1,000 or more on a gadget so powerful, and yet so fragile, as the iPhone X without insurance. And so we’ve provided just a few options you’ll have for insuring your device.

  • AppleCare+ ($199): Offered at a premium price for its most premium gadget, Apple’s in-house insurance policy is by far the most comprehensive for iPhone, and includes a wealth of features and benefits to ensure you’re covered for up to two additional years after Apple’s standard 1-year warranty expires.
  • Asurion ($12/mo.+): Another great, albeit more expensive, option, would be to purchase insurance through your wireless carrier — the majority of whom have contracted with Asurion. Plans typically start at $11.99/month for the most comprehensive coverage of the most premium devices (like iPhone 7 Plus, for example); however it’s not clear if the cost to cover iPhone X will be higher.
  • SquareTrade (TBD): A subsidiary of Allstate, SquareTrade provides one-, two-, and three-year equipment protection plans for iPhone 7 Plus starting at $129 — so we can only venture to guess that iPhone X coverage will run closer to $150 or more, but only time will tell.


Phones will be phones, right? Insurance coverage notwithstanding, they’ll always be equally expensive and slippery — and when they fall, you’d better hope you have a case covering them on all sides! While the options for iPhone X are currently limited, case-makers continue to churn out new offerings by the week. Here are a few of the available options to help cover your bases, err, corners, from the get-go:

(Worth noting in regards to physical protection is that prices will vary widely depending on where you shop and the extent of coverage you’re looking for. Once the iPhone X launch draws closer, there should also be many more options to choose from; but if you’re serious about protecting your investment, you might want to start entertaining a budget ranging anywhere between $35-$60, at the least.)

Wireless Charger

Lastly, to round out your experience owning iPhone X, you’ll either want to sit tight for a while and wait for Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat — slated to debut early next year for an unspecified price, or one of the following options, which will work just fine depending on your needs. Keep in mind that as with cases, there are and will continue to be more of these popping up on the market at a variety of price-points.

And the Grand Total Is…

Ultimately, the cost of owning an iPhone X will be determined by multiple factors — what size storage and how much protection you desire, how long you’re looking to keep it, for instance. A top-tier model with total coverage, protection, and wireless charging pad could easily run a minimum $1,300-$1,400 — and that doesn’t even include the sales tax. Alternatively, you could always go rogue and opt for a 64 GB, uninsured, unprotected and unmistakably vulnerable iPhone X for just a grand.

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