What Will the Price of the iPhone 14 Be?

Rumors are swirling that unfortunately, the next iPhone will not be cheaper than the last.
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We’re only a few months away before Apple releases the rumored iPhone 14. 

While a lot of us are more interested in the design or the new features Apple will bring to the table; there’s also an important factor that we don’t talk about that often: the price. 

Sure, there’s a reason why we don’t mention it that much. We really don’t know for sure how much the iPhone 14 lineup is going to cost. 

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With that said, there have been a few rumors that might point us in the right direction. Spoiler alert: Unfortunately, none of the iPhones will be cheaper. In fact, Apple might ditch the most affordable iPhone altogether this year. Here’s what we know. 

What’s the Price of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max Going to Be This Year?

Even though we can’t know for sure, we can have an educated guess as to what the price of the iPhone 14 is going to be. 

The better rumors point out that everything is going to stay the same when it comes to the price for the regular iPhone 14. That is, the iPhone 14 will have the same price as the iPhone 13.

In other words, the smaller iPhone 14 will cost $799, but there will be a price increase to $899 for the larger iPhone 14 Max.

Despite having the same price, the iPhone 14 is said to come with a lot more features than the iPhone 13.

  1. One of the biggest changes we’re expecting is a complete redesign.
  2. Another new feature we’re expecting to see is an Always-on Display, which is something that most of us have been expecting for over five years.
  3. We’re also expecting improvements in the camera and processor departments, as we see pretty much every year.

What’s the Price of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Going to Be?

When it comes to the Pro models in the iPhone 14 lineup, things have started to change regarding price, at least according to the rumors. 

Unfortunately, many rumors point out that Apple is going to increase the price of the iPhone 14 Pro lineup by $100. 

This means that the iPhone 14 Pro could possibly start at $1,099—the same price as the current iPhone 13 Pro Max— while the iPhone 14 Pro Max might cost $1,199 for the base model. 

If you wanted to get a brand new iPhone 14 this year, this is going to cost you, but the price might be worth it, especially if you hate the notch on the iPhone. 

There have been many rumors about the upcoming iPhone and the notch. Some people believe that Apple will finally get rid of the annoying black bar at the top of the iPhone’s screen and replace it with a hole and a pill-shaped cutout.

The iPhone 14 Pro lineup is said to feature a hole-punch and pill-shaped cutout at the front instead of the usual notch. The hole punch is rumored to be for Face ID, which will be a great improvement from the sensors we see today. The pill-shaped cutout will be the front-facing camera. 

Not only that but there have been other rumors that say the iPhone 14 Pro models will feature thinner bezels, leaving room for a bigger display at the front. 

If Apple’s planning on increasing the price of the Pro models, then it would also be a good time to introduce something we’ve never seen before on an iPhone, like an Always on Display and a hole-punch plus pill-shaped cutout instead of the usual notch. Plus, that would make the difference between the regular and the Pro models much bigger. 

What About the iPhone 14 mini?

Unfortunately for iPhone mini lovers, rumor has it that Apple will get rid of the “mini” model this year.

Unfortunately, the sales of the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13 mini haven’t been as good as Apple or any of us expected. The iPhone 13 lineup currently is the best-selling smartphone of 2022, but the iPhone 13 mini is still falling behind compared to the bigger iPhones.

That’s why Apple might change its strategy this year. Instead of introducing a mini model, the company might release two regular-size iPhones—the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro—and two iPhones with bigger screens—the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So instead of a mini version, we might get the iPhone 14 Max. This iPhone is said to be similar in design and internal components to the regular iPhone 14, but it’s supposed to feature a much bigger 6.7-inch display, just like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Unfortunately, this bigger model won’t have the same price as the iPhone 14 mini. Instead, Apple might increase the price to $999—the same price as the current iPhone 13 Pro. 

This is another reason why Apple might increase the price of the Pro models by $100. It wouldn’t be because of the new feature but because of a new model that’s here to take the place of the iPhone mini. 

Still, if the rumors are true, a lot of people would be happy to pay $999 for the iPhone 14 Max if that means they’ll get a screen that’s six inches bigger. Of course, that’s only speculation, and we’ll have to wait for the real sales numbers to see how well a bigger iPhone does. 

The New iPhone 14 Lineup Could Be Pricy, But It Might Worth It

Apple is said to release the iPhone 14 lineup in September 2022. And with a new iPhone comes a lot of new changes that we’re really excited about.

If Apple manages to introduce an iPhone with no notch, an Always On Display, thinner bezels, and a more powerful A16 Bionic Chip, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be an instant best-seller. For most people, a one-hundred-dollar-price increase might be worth it. 

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