Wellness Gift Ideas for Apple Users

Keep you and your loves ones safe with these handy iPhone accessories
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There’s a wide range of Apple products and accessories related to health and wellness. From fitness apps to sleep trackers, calorie counters, heart rate monitors, and panic buttons, there’s no shortage of opportunities to use technology to improve personal care and safety. This simple and practical gift guide will help you express your genuine commitment to the happiness, health, and safety of those you care about.

Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

The iPhone is the perfect companion for monitoring and maintaining our health.

The following ten gifts will help clean your iPhones and AirPods, protect your eyes, encourage fitness and hydration, check your temperature, and even monitor the air quality in your home.

Clorox Free & Clear Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox wipes for cleaning iPhone

Clorox Free & Clear Disinfecting Wipes are bleach-free wipes with endless applications. You’re probably aware that iPhones get dirty. We wrote about it a few years ago after a study found an iPhone could be as dirty as a toilet seat. Whether it’s germs, bacteria, and other gunk on the exterior or dust and debris in speakers, ports, and inside the case, iPhones can be pretty filthy. AirPods too. For exterior iPhone and AirPod cleaning, Apple recommends using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes — no compressed air, nothing with bleach or hydrogen peroxide, and no liquids should come into contact with ports, speakers, or microphone mesh.

Koala Lens Cleaning Cloths

Koala cleaning cloths for iPhone

Koala Lens Cleaning Cloths are great for use after an alcohol wipe or other disinfecting wipe to dry your iPhone and polish the screen. Cleaning your iPhone and AirPods helps maintain optimal performance and functionality and preserves the longevity of sensitive components. Give your iPhone screen a safe and streak -free shine with Koala cleaning cloths.


Blue Tack iPhone cleaning putty

Blu-Tack is an adhesive putty that will morph into the speakers and ports of your iPhone, pulling out the dirt and grime.

PhoneSoap 3

PhoneSoap iPhone UV-C Cleaner

The PhoneSoap 3 is a great UV-C sanitizing device that uses germicidal ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The PhoneSoap 3 will kill 99.9 percent of household germs after only ten minutes in the sanitizing unit.

This model charges your iPhone too. PhoneSoap also makes a wireless charging model, as well as a Pro version that reduces the cleaning cycle to five minutes. It’s not limited to an iPhone, either; you can sanitize anything that fits inside, from AirPods to keys and credit cards. PhoneSoap even makes a larger capacity sanitizing box for items like tablets, remote controls, and gaming controllers.

The PhoneSoap is one of our personal favorites here at iDrop News; one of our editors has been using one on a regular basis since even before the COVID-19 pandemic began three years ago.

Cleaning Pen for AirPods

Cleaning Pen for AirPods

This pocket-size Cleaning Pen for AirPods features a sponge for the case, a high-density brush for the mesh speakers and microphone, and a metal pen tip for gaps and more stubborn dust.

Occushield Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Ocushield Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue light emitted from electronic devices like phones, monitors, and lights can have many detrimental effects on our eyes. This is especially true during extended periods of screen time. Prolonged exposure to blue light can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle and cause other symptoms like eye strain, eye fatigue, dryness, and discomfort. Some studies even suggest it may increase the risk of cancer.

Protect your eyes and your sleep with this Occushield Anti Blue Light Screen Protector, available for most recent iPhone models.

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount

Belkin Fitness Mount for iPhoone

Keep your eyes on your fitness apps and trainers with the Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount. It’s MagSafe compatible and allows you to easily mount your phone to gym equipment. Included is a a strap for secure attachment and a 360-degree ball joint for easy rotation.

HidrateSpark Pro Water Bottle

HidrateSpark PRO Smart Tumbler

Another long-time favorite among our team here at iDrop News is the HidrateSpark Pro Water Bottle. This smart water bottle is equipped with features to help you track your water intake and meet your hydration goals. It connects to your iPhone via an app, with LED lights that glow to remind you to take a drink throughout your day. HidrateSpark Pro also allows you to set personalized hydration goals and monitor your hydration patterns over time.

Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

Withings Thermo Contactless Smart Digital Thermometer

Withings’ Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer is a temporal artery thermometer that’s quick, non-invasive, and contact-free, working from as far as 1 centimeter away. This makes it ideal for both children and adults. Sixteen infrared sensors provide fast, accurate results along with a color-coded fever indicator. The Thermo app allows for temperature tracking, inputting symptoms, and setting reminders for things like taking medications.

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Sensor

The Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures your room’s temperature, levels of volatile organize compounds (VOCs) and humidity levels, showing the readings both on the device and via its app. With this air quality monitor, you’ll know when to open a window, turn on an air purifier, or a humidifier or dehumidifier. It joins your Thread network and is Apple HomeKit-enabled so you can even set up automated routines for HomeKit-compatible heating and ventilation accessories.

Personal Safety Gift Ideas

Beyond their communication and entertainment functions, iPhones are valuable tools for enhancing our overall personal safety. From location-sharing services and emergency contacts to safety apps, the iPhone offers many resources to help folks safeguard their well-being. Here are five iPhone personal safety gift ideas to help your loved ones realize the full potential of their iPhone’s safety features, settings, apps, and accessories.


apple air tag and iphone

Apple’s AirTags allow you to keep track of personal items like keys, luggage, or even a child’s backpack or sneakers, by making them trackable in the Find My app on your iPhone.

iOS 17 also lets you share an AirTag with up to five people to keep more eyes on those precious belongings (or people). Your iPhone can provide directions to your missing item if you’re nearby, and an AirTag is effective at any distance, so long as it’s near any modern iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. AirTags are the perfect stocking stuffer. Once you use an AirTag, it’s hard to imagine life without one. You can purchase AirTags individually for $27 or in packs of four for $87.

Apple Watch

apple watch white

You’ve probably heard countless stories about how Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature has saved lives. Give yourself peace of mind and gift an elderly loved one an Apple Watch. It doesn’t even have to be the latest and greatest model; Fall Detection is supported from the 2018 Apple Watch Series 4 and onward.

The Apple Watch fall detection feature can detect a hard fall, contact emergency services, and send a message to emergency contacts. The National Council on Aging named the Apple Watch amongst the best medical alert watches of 2023. You can read more about Fall Detection on Apple’s website.

Pelgium Smart Emergency Button

Pelgium Smart Personal Alarm

The Pelgium Smart Emergency Button connects via Bluetooth to the Pelgium app on your iPhone. Pressing the two trigger buttons for two seconds sends silent calls and text messages to your emergency contacts, along with a link to your location. The battery lasts up to four years.

Flare Safety Bracelet

Flare Safetey Bracelet

The Flare Safety Bracelet is a great and discrete way to get help in an emergency or even simply an uncomfortable situation. It comes from Flare’s line of fashionable safety bracelets and cuffs that allow you to trigger a fake phone call to yourself as a diversion, text friends for help, or send your location to 911. The bracelets connect to the GetFlare iPhone app via Bluetooth, are water resistant, and include a battery that lasts about a year. The bracelets tracks battery health and will notify you with a text and email when it’s nearing replacement. You can choose from metal, leather, and beaded options.

Arlo Safe Family Bundle with Two Safe Buttons

Arlo Safe Button

The Arlo Safe Family Bundle with Two Safe Buttons pairs with the Arlo Safe app. A push of the “panic button” notifies first responders of your location. It’s small enough to fit on a keychain or even be worn around the neck. It’s a perfect solution for the elderly and children, thanks to its check-in feature that establishes locations and sends notifications when the wearer arrives safely at their destination or if they stray from their route.

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