Walled Garden No More? Three New Devices to Use with Apple’s ‘Find My’

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Apple continues a lively string of changes to its Find My technology by officially rolling out third-party support for the popular app.

Find My, now the combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, has served as a general locator for all things Apple in the past, useful if you lost your iPhone or misplaced an AirPod (within limits like battery life, Wi-Fi range, etc.). Now Apple has finally opened it up to qualifying developers.

So, what does that mean?

Find My is about to become a lot more useful than just an app for lost Apple devices, and you can start expecting all kinds of innovative functionalities to pop up (like these new devices).

Here are some of our favorite new uses, either on the market or showing up in the next few months.

Don’t Worry (As Much) About VanMoof’s New E-Bikes Being Stolen

An electric bike is already a great way to help the environment while giving your legs a rest whenever you need one. But VanMoof’s new S3 (28-inch wheels) and X3 (24-inch wheels) e-bikes come with an additional feature: Built-in Find My compatibility.

That means in addition to all the accessories you can pick for your bike, you will always have the ability to see its location using the Find My app. Ideal if you got a little confused about where you parked, and even more ideal if your bike was just stolen and you’re working to get it back.

Check Out Cheaper, Find My-Compatible Earbuds from Belkin

The AirPods are already made with innate Find My functionality, so it’s not too surprising to see the technology moving into other wireless earbuds like these Belkin models. Despite a slightly different design, these earbuds have a lot in common with AirPods and come with features like dual mics and environmental noise cancellation.

These earbuds are a great alternative if you’re looking for something different from AirPods with a lower price tag. AirPods can be pricey, and so we previously discussed wireless options at a lower price for those who would like to save money.

Belkin’s Soundform is an excellent addition to add to the roster, especially with tracking tech built-in.

Explore Your Tracking Options with Chipolo ONE Spot

Chipolo’s ONE Spot tracker is confirmed to arrive this June, and it’s a very intriguing look at what tracking technology has become. In addition to working with Find My, the impressive Chipolo app allows users to set “out of range” alerts when the tag moves beyond a specific area (a user-friendly form of geofencing), notifications about tag battery life, and more.

It’s a great tracking option to stick on phones, backpacks, cars, kids, and more. That’s essentially the draw of AirTags too, but it’s nice to see all the details of an alternative product so you can plan for which one you are most interested in.

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