Video Reveals Rare Apple Watch Prototype Disguised as Candy Bar Phone

Apple Watch Prototype Brick Style Phone Credit: Apple Demo
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Apple is known for its prototype devices that are designed for its employees to test products under development. Apple typically destroys these prototypes when the company is done with them, but some older, unused prototypes make their way into the public realm.

Recently, we have seen the original iPhone prototype and even an iPod touch. Thanks to the YouTube channel Apple Demo, we now get a new sneak peek at this never-seen-before prototype first-generation Apple Watch.

While many prototypes look similar to the final product, a handful of Apple prototypes sport wild designs that conceal the device from prying eyes.

This time around, YouTuber Apple Demo has produced a 38mm version of the Apple Watch 1st Generation inside a brick-style security case.

The blocky case hides the Watch engineering unit, only allowing access to the touchscreen display.

With only the screen exposed, the Watch looks like a petite candy bar feature phone.

These leaked prototypes run a pre-watchOS version of Apple’s testing software.

The box for the prototype claims it was a “classified” device released under an “Ultra” security program. It also was supposed to be returned to Apple when the testing phase was completed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of prototype. In December 2020, Apple Demo obtained a 42mm variant in a similar brick-like security case.

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