Apple Cleverly Disguised This Early Watch Prototype as an iPod nano

Apple Watch Prototype Credit: AppleDemoYT / Twitter
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Remember the stealth case Apple used to conceal the iPhone 6s? Or the infamous iPhone 4 disguised as an iPhone 3GS that was left accidentally at a bar? Well, we have another unusual prototype for you. This time it’s not an iPhone. It’s an Apple Watch prototype doubling as an iPod nano.

History has shown that Apple goes to great lengths to keep its new products under wraps. And it’s not just iPhones that the company tried to keep hidden.

A new photo leaked by AppleDemoYT shows how Apple cleverly hid an Apple Watch prototype inside a security case.

The Watch was packaged in the case and contained inside a tan cardboard box labeled “Apple Confidential.”

This unit is reportedly a prototype used in developing and testing the original Apple Watch, which debuted in 2015.

The case makes the Watch look like an iPod nano from a distance. Once you get up close and personal with the device, you can clearly see the Apple Watch shaped cutout for the display.

The silicone case even had a click wheel and buttons on the edge to make it look like an authentic iPod nano.

Once the case is removed, the fact that the unit is a Watch prototype is obvious.

Not only does it have the shape and size of an Apple Watch, but it also has an unknown sensor on the side. Novel sensors and never-seen-before designs are common on a device that is under development.

This isn’t the first Apple Watch prototype to surface. This year, we got a close look at two prototypes that were recovered from a waste facility for electronics. These Apple Watches looked like final production models with a few minor differences in components like the sensor array on the back.

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