Top 5 Most Annoying iOS 11 Bugs

Top 5 Most Annoying iOS 11 Bugs Credit: Reddit
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The iOS 11 public beta is out, and you might be really eager to download it and test out all of the new features included in the update. Of course, we still caution readers to be wary of downloading the iOS 11 beta on their primary device — for a few different reasons. Beyond battery drain (which is a common beta problem), there are also quite a few bugs that have managed to make it into iOS 11 beta 2. While there are plenty we could mention, here are five of the most annoying bugs and glitches that have been reported in the new software.

5. Weird Haptic Issues

There are a wide variety of reports of weird haptic feedback issues in iOS 11 beta 2. In some cases, the haptic feedback just feels unusually “sharp.” In other cases, testers report an audible haptic “pop” or “click” when performing certain actions. This may not be a device-breaking bug, but it certainly can be annoying — especially for haptic-sensitive individuals. And it could prompt some users to fear that their device has an actual hardware problem when it doesn’t.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

There are apparently some Bluetooth connectivity issues in the latest iOS 11 beta. For example, some devices will fail to recognize an Apple Watch (or other device), and will display a message claiming that it’s not a supported device. Bluetooth is also generally slow, non-responsive and buggy for many beta testers, with one tester reporting that song titles and album art don’t appear on his vehicle’s in-dash display when music is being played over Bluetooth.

3. Apps Don’t Close

Many beta testers reported problems with the app switcher being buggy in beta 1, and the issues have seemingly only gotten worse in the latest iOS 11 beta versions. Reportedly, apps won’t close when you swipe them away in the app switcher — instead, they’ll just “bounce” back down. Additionally, quite a few testers report frame rate drops and stuttering when scrolling through open apps. And, judging by the number of reports coming out about the issue, it seems fairly widespread.

2. 3D Touch on the Home Screen

This is an issue that was present in iOS 11 beta 1, and has apparently made it into the second developer and first public beta versions. According to testers, 3D Touch functionality on the Home screen is fairly buggy and doesn’t always work properly, with diminished or no pressure sensitivity at all. Others have also reported that they’ve run into major lag when 3D touching an app — with some claiming that the lag has gotten worse in beta 2. This has been tested on a variety of devices and seems to be a fairly common problem with the latest beta version.

1. Some Apps Don’t Work At All

While 32-bit apps might not work at all in iOS 11, testers have reported other apps running into similar problems in the beta. In the majority of reports, apps will simply refuse to open and will instantly crash. Some confirmed examples would be the Citibank app, Square Cash, and HD streaming app ProTube. Some stock Apple apps seem to be having issues, too. Apple’s own Messages, for example, seems to crash fairly frequently for some testers, especially when trying to attach images to texts. Additionally, many users have reported not being able to use the App Store at all after upgrading to beta 2.

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