Top 4 Pros and Cons of New Wireless Provider ‘Xfinity Mobile’

Xfinity Mobile Pros and Cons
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Comcast, one of America’s largest and most widely available cable TV and home Internet providers, began offering its all-new Xfinity Mobile wireless service this week. The offering marks the telecom-giant’s first foray into the mobile space, and seeks to compete with similar wireless plan offerings from the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

While the telecom-company’s wireless offerings seem intriguing on paper, however, there are a ton of caveats that one needs to be aware of before jumping ship and signing on to the new Xfinity mobile program. Here are the top pros and cons of the service and how eligible subscribers can get started today.

Xfinity Mobile Pros:

  • Xfinity Mobile offers a wide-range of coverage, operating as an MVNO on Verizon’s nationwide 4G network. There’s only one plan to choose from, which is the Xfinity Mobile ‘Unlimited’ plan, including unlimited talk, text, and up to 20 GB of data at 4G speeds per line for just $65/month. You’ll also have access to over 16 million Comcast-operated Wi-Fi hotspots around the U.S., ensuring a strong connection virtually anywhere you are.
  • Comcast, much like Google with its Project Fi pay-per-gig service, is also offering an a la carte option. For Comcast’s TV and home internet subscribers who don’t plan on using a ton of wireless data, but would still enjoy having access to it on occasion, Comcast is offering customers a $12/per gigabyte option. This is certainly a bit more expensive than Project Fi, and even other a la carte options from the Big Four domestic carriers — however if you only plan to use Comcast’s mobile data here and there, it could actually end up being cheaper than signing up for a traditional pre-paid or post-paid data plan.

Xfinity Mobile Cons:

  • While the service is currently being offered to all customers who sign up by July 31st, you’ll have to ensure you’re either an existing Comcast Xfinity cable TV and Internet subscriber, or that you plan on signing up for a higher-end Xfinity package. On the plus side, if you do sign up for an Xfinity TV/Internet package, your $65/month line access fee drops down to just $45/month, which is currently being offered to both new and existing Xfinity subscribers.
  • Unfortunately, those of you who were hoping to use your older smartphone on Comcast’s Xfinity network won’t be able to – you’ll have to purchase a new handset through Comcast. The good news is that you’ll be able to choose from some of the latest offerings in mobile tech, such as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and several other recent handsets which are available via Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile website. You’ll also be able to choose from some older iPhone and Android offerings if you’re looking to save some extra money.


While Comcast is offering fantastic wireless coverage and plenty of perks, unfortunately the best deals are reserved for existing or would-be Xfinity TV and home Internet customers. Learn more about Xfinity Mobile and how to sign-up here.

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