Three Mysterious Clues in Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Invitation

iPad Spring Apple Event Logo 2021 Credit: L0vetodream / Twitter
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Apple finally announced its new product event that’s set to take place on April 20th. Despite many rumors and leaks pointing at a March event, Apple pulled a prank on us and moved it a month later. Regardless of the date, we couldn’t be more excited about this event.

There are many rumors about what Apple might launch, and to make things more interesting, Apple sent a clever invitation that might be packed with a few clues to look into..

This means it’s the perfect time to put on your tinfoil hat and start dissecting whatever clues Apple might have left in this year’s invitation.

Let’s Look at the Apple Invitation

You’ve probably seen the invitation already, but let’s break it down a little bit. And before we start, can we just all agree on how clever the design team behind these invitations is?

First, the invitation reads “Spring Loaded”, which might give us a clear clue, or might just be a clever pun at spring. You know, the current season.

Second, there are the colors. These colors can hint at new product colors, new spring accessory colors, or it could just mean nothing. Regardless, it’s a nice touch by Apple.

And finally, there’s the Apple logo, which is a spring in itself, but it also has an animation that makes it look like it’s being drawn with a finger or a pencil. It may also spell out a word – more on that below.

As I said, it’s a clever invitation, and it’s ambiguous enough to leave room for many clues and speculations. It feels like trying to decipher some ancient hieroglyphs. Here’s what this invitation might be telling us.

A New iPad Pro Is Probably Coming

The iPad Pro has been outshone by its little brother recently, the iPad Air, ever since Apple released it last year. The iPad Air is just as powerful as the 2020 iPad Pro models, and it comes with the same support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. Not to mention that it comes in more colors, and it’s way cheaper than the Pro versions.

We’re saying that the iPad Pro is due for an upgrade, and the April event is the perfect time for that. Because of this invitation, people are expecting to see a brand new iPad Pro. Taken apart, the Apple logo even appears to spell iPad.

Even though we don’t have any official details about the next-generation iPad Pro, we’re expecting to see a similar design to last year’s model. The new iPad Pro should remain the same on the outside, maybe with a few minor design changes to differentiate it from last year’s iPad Pro.

On the inside, though, it’s where the magic will happen. First, there have been a lot of rumors pointing out that Apple might start using mini-LED displays on the new iPad Pro models. This means that thousands of small LED lights will be used on the iPad’s screen, making the display brighter, showing a wider variety of colors, and have a crisper look overall.

Another thing that we’re expecting to change is the processor. Since the iPad Air ended up having an even better chip than the 2020 iPad Pro, we’re expecting Apple to change the chip to at least the A14 Bionic chip the iPhone 12 features. Some rumors say that Apple might use a new chip similar to the M1 chip in the MacBooks and Mac mini. This would make it the most powerful iPad ever, and it’ll be years ahead of the iPad Air, which is something the Pro needs.

Will We See the New Apple Pencil?

The biggest clue for the Apple Pencil in the invitation is how the Apple logo is drawn in the animation. Although, that may also hint at the new iPad Pro.

Still, since the 2020 iPad Air now supports the second-generation Apple Pencil, it’d be logical for Apple to launch a brand new Apple Pencil exclusive to the iPad Pro lineup as it did with the Apple Pencil 2 until last year.

Many rumors and crazy ideas are revolving around the Apple Pencil 3 include a new sensor at the tip of the Pencil that will let you grab colors from real-life objects to use them on the iPad.

Additionally, there are rumors that the new Apple Pencil would support more gestures instead of just the tap features the current Apple Pencil has. If that’s true, you’d be able to do different actions on your iPad, like zooming in and out, by sliding your finger on the Apple Pencil.

Another rumor, courtesy of Apple leaker who goes by the name of Mr. White, is that the Apple Pencil will also come in black this year. Although Apple’s never added colors to the Apple Pencil, this could be a potential solution to make it stand out from the current generation.

Is the New iMac Also Coming?

There’s a high chance that Apple will release a new iMac in the April event, and some hints in the invitation might be supporting this theory, albeit they might be more of a stretch.

Famous leaker Jon Prosser said back in 2020 that the new iMac was ready to launch, which, if true, means we could expect an announcement on the 20th.

One of the biggest rumors about the new iMac is that it’ll come in five different colors, similar to the classic iMac. According to rumors, the iMac will come in Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue. One reason people believe we could see a new iMac is because of the different colors in the invitation – clearly, they aren’t the same colors as the ones the iMac is supposed to have, but it’s worth noting.

Another possible “hint” is the Apple logo’s design in the invitation. Some people are pointing out that the logo’s design might be a reference to part of the famous “Hello” that appears on the original Macintosh. As I said, it’s a stretch, but it could be possible.

Original Macintosh 1984

Colors won’t be the only special thing about the new iMac. This would be the first iMac to have an Apple Silicon processor. Whether it’s the M1 chip, or a new processor entirely, we should expect the most powerful iMac yet.

Desing-wise, the iMac will come in two different sizes, one of them might be bigger than 27 inches, and it’ll have a similar look to the Apple Pro XDR Display from the Mac Pro.

Will We See One More Thing?

Is it possible that we’ll see a “surprise” product during next week’s event? The “Spring Loaded” phrase might indicate that the event will be loaded with new products, which is obviously something all of us want to see. That said, we could see new upgrades (that are less likely), like the AirPods 3.

Prosser also mentioned the AirPods 3 were ready to launch, and it was one of the products we expected to see during the March event that didn’t happen. Still. Apple is famous for having “one more thing” at the end of the event – but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure. Expect full coverage of the event on iDrop News.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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