Apple Watch to Track Glucose Levels

Apple Watch Box Credit: Framesira / Shutterstock
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With the Apple Watch release closing in on us, we are starting to see and hear more about the features and apps that will be available on the wearable device. One exciting new development revealed Monday is a partnership that would allow the Apple Watch to track glucose levels for diabetics.

Medical device manufacturer Dexcom is reportedly working on an app for the Apple Watch that will display and chart glucose levels for diabetics. Dexcom first mentioned the feature at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The app would take readings from its line of glucose monitors, which use small sensors embedded just below the skin. The sensors, which test blood sugar levels every five minutes, would transmit their readings to the watch – a quick and easy method for diabetic users to track their readings.

The app comes just after the FDA loosened its restrictions on certain types of medical devices. Previously, any glucose monitor or associated software required approval from the FDA. However, a recent policy change now states that the FDA will only regulate medical hardware – medical apps now fall under a different classification, which only need to be registered with the agency.

News of this new app will certainly be exciting for diabetics, as its release will make monitoring their blood sugar levels much easier and more convenient. Perhaps with relaxed FDA regulation, we will see more medical and health-related apps pop up in the future.

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