This Is What a New iPod Classic Would Look Like in 2021 | iPod Max Concept

iPod Max Concept Credit: 9to5Mac
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Do you remember the original iPod? That bulky, white MP3 player that all of us wanted when we were younger? Well, it’s no surprise that Apple doesn’t sell them anymore. Not because they weren’t good. But because, in a world where you can listen to any song you want on your iPhone without downloading it, the iPod is almost completely outdated.

Still, this year marks the 20th-anniversary of the iPod Classic, and many people would love it if Apple would sell a limited edition iPod Classic for the occasion. Although that’s probably not going to happen, that didn’t stop 9to5Mac’s José Adorno and Parket Ortolani to create their very own 2021 “iPod Max.”

iPod Max

This iPod would have it all, including iOS, Apple Music Lossless, and even a 3.5mm headphone jack like the good old days.

This iPod Max concept has everything you’ve ever wanted from an iPod Classic. From a 3-inch Retina display to a 64-bit dual-core Apple S6 Chip and 512GB of storage that could fit up to 100,000 regular songs or up to 50,000 Lossless songs.

Not only that, but the iPod Max would also be able to be paired up with your iPhone. Just like you pair up your AirPods or your AirTag, all you’d need to do is put your iPod Max near your iPhone, and you’d have access to all your Apple subscriptions.

Additionally, this iPod Max would have an iOS version that would feature Apple Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and you’d even be able to use Siri.

Design-wise, the iPod Max would bring back the iPod style everyone knows and loves. Instead of a touch screen, you’d have to use the classic click wheel to scroll through your playlists or find the perfect moment of a song.

Overall, this iPod would be the perfect blend between the now 20-year old iPod Classic and the current Apple ecosystem. All that for a fictional $649.

AirPods Max 2

Adorno and Ortolani went above and beyond and even created the second-generation AirPods Max.

Since Apple confirmed that the current AirPods Max won’t be able to stream true Lossless music over Bluetooth or a wired Lightning connection, this new generation would feature a compatible 3.5mm connection so you’d be able to enjoy Lossless music. Although, Apple really should’ve added this capability real version of AirPods Max, especially since the company knew Lossless was coming.

It’s worth mentioning that, as of right now, there aren’t any indications that Apple’s working on an “iPod Max” or even a second-generation AirPods Max. That said, kudos to José and Parker for creating such a great idea for a limited edition product. I’d buy it right now if I could.

On a related note, Apple might be working on a new iPod touch to be released this fall. Rumor has it that this iPod touch would have a boxier look, similar to the iPhone 12, and would come in at least six different colors, similar to the iPad Air.

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