Thieves Steal $30K Worth of Apple Products in Latest California Heist

Apple Store Robbery1 Credit: ABC7
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Another Apple Store in the Bay Area has been hit by a band of robbers today, according to local media reports.

The incident occurred around 5:40 p.m. on Saturday. Police said four thieves entered the Broadway Plaza Apple Store in Walnut Creek, California. They began tearing iPhones and MacBook computers from display security tethers, ABC 30 reported on Wednesday.

Those four suspects then fled moments later, escaping in a black Mercedes-Benz SUV with California plates. According to police, the vehicle had the plate number 5XR835.

Like other recent Apple Store robberies, the suspects wore hooded sweatshirts with the hoods cinched to conceal their identities.

No weapons were used and no injuries were reported during the heist, police said.

According to local media, the band of thieves was able to get away with around $30,000 worth of merchandise from the brick-and-mortar Apple location.

Apple Store Robbery 2

Police in the Walnut Creek area are asking anyone with information to contact officer Randy Villa at 925-943-5899 ext. 7905

Other Apple Store Robberies

This is far from the first robbery to target an Apple Store in recent months. In fact, at least six brick-and-mortar Apple locations across California have been raided by thieves in the past month alone.

Last Wednesday, a band of robbers targeted an Apple Store in New York and were able to get away with $19,000 worth of Apple products. Earlier this month, thieves raided an Apple Store in Roseville, California and made off with 23 Apple devices estimated to be worth around $20,000.

It isn’t readily clear whether these California Apple Store heists are connected, but there has been an uptick of Apple Store robberies across California in recent months.

Over the last few years, Apple Stores have become prime targets for thieves. That’s likely due to their relative lack of security and the high price tags of the products within them.

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