Four Thieves Steal $20K Worth of Devices from Roseville Apple Store

Apple Store Robbery Credit: Sacramento Bee
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A band of thieves raided an Apple Store in Roseville, California on Tuesday, making off with at least 23 Apple products.

Four men entered the brick-and-mortar Apple location in the Roseville Galleria around 8:12 p.m. By cutting the security tethers connecting the products to their displays, the thieves snatched 20 iPhones, two MacBook Pro devices, and one iPad mini, police told local media.

While no information about the specific models stolen is available, the Sacramento Bee reported that the products were worth upwards of $20,000 combined. They were apparently only in the store for a short amount of time.

The caper was described by media outlets as a brazen theft carried out in front of customers, but the men were not armed and no one was hurt during the robbery.

Police initially stated that the men were wearing masks and gloves, but later amended that information by saying that the thieves wore sweatshirts with the hoods cinched around their faces.

Apple Store staff and customers call the authorities and took pictures, but no one intervened. The suspects were reportedly long gone by the time police arrived.

On Wednesday, the Roseville Police Department released a photo of the thieves that had been snapped by a witness.

Police are asking the public for any help in identifying the four thieves. Anyone with information regarding the crime can contact the Roseville Police Department at (916) 774-5000.

Apple Stores are often attractive targets for thieves and robbers, likely due to the amount of high-priced technology within them.

Last month, five hooded bandits stole around $19,000 of iPhones from an Apple Store in Suffolk County, New York. Earlier this year, another band of thieves raided an Apple Store in Little Rock, Arkansas and took off with $22,000 worth of new merchandise.

The Apple Store in Corte Madera, California was hit twice by thieves between 2016 and 2017. And in Madrid, Spain, a gang of ten thieves stole 24 iPhones by chewing through the security tethers at a brick-and-mortar Apple location.

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