There’s a Hidden Birthday Party in the Apple Store App

Apple Store App 10 Years Credit: iDrop News / Eli Waeterling
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The Apple Store app celebrated its tenth birthday this past June with very little fanfare. It likely was overshadowed by WWDC 2020, which was held entirely online. The week-long developer conference is one of Apple’s most prominent events. It is not surprising the Apple Store app was pushed to the sidelines.

Just when you thought Apple was about to let this milestone slip by, think again. Apple user Michael Steeber discovered an easter egg that the Cupertino company hid inside the latest version of its Apple Store app.

To celebrate this milestone, Apple cleverly hid a surprise birthday balloon inside the Apple Store app.

  1. Simply open the Apple Store app.
  2. Search for “10 years,” and wait for the ballons to appear.
  3. Don’t just sit back and let them fly by. Apple, of course, made this animation interactive. Feel free to tap on each one to make them pop.

This is a fun surprise, but it isn’t the first time Apple has done something whimsical. During the holiday season, the company spreads some holiday cheer by adding falling snow to the Apple Store app.

And just last year, Apple took a dig at Windows during its keynote of death by hiding a message in a Windows blue screen of death.

When translated, the ASCII phrase in the blue screen read, “So you took the time to translate this? We love you.” Just a bit of fun hidden among the supercut of Apple TV+, iPhone 11, Apple Watch and more.

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