Apple Hid This Clever Easter Egg (and Dig at Windows) in Its Keynote Video

Apple Keynote Easter Egg Credit: Apple
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Apple snuck a clever Easter egg into one of its YouTube videos for “hard core Apple fans” to find. But if it wasn’t for one Reddit user, the message may have gone undiscovered.

The Easter egg itself is a hidden message in Apple’s “Apple Event in a flash” YouTube video. It’s essentially a supercut of the entire By Innovation Only event on Sept. 10 — condensing around two hours of announcements into just two minutes.

But around the 1:24 mark is a hidden image that takes some rapid space-bar pressing to even access.

That’s because it’s only onscreen for about a split second, right when the narrator says “two-times faster than the best-selling PC.”

Amusingly, the hidden message is accompanied by what sounds like a Windows error tone and starts off with text that says “Error 09102019.”

The whole thing seems like a jab at the famous PC Blue Screen of Death, particularly since the message appears right when the PC text seems like it fails to load. See it above or below.

Below the error text, you’ll find the following message: “This is just a thought. But it might be nice to have some sort of Easter egg message in here for the hard core Apple fans that will stop the video,” the secret message reads.

But while the pane itself is somewhat hard to get to find, it’s the random digits below the message that turns out to be the real Easter egg. That’s because, as you might have guessed by now, they aren’t random digits — they’re binary code.

Because the hidden message is an image, you’d need to actually type out the binary yourself in order to translate it through a binary-to-ASCII converter. Luckily, someone already did that. The result is the following message:

“So you took the time to translate this? We love you.”

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