Take Your AirTags to the Next Level with These 7 Awesome Accessories

AirTag with Brown Wallet Credit: Ugis Reba / Shutterstock
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Everyone’s been trying to get their hands on an AirTag – but can you really blame them? Apple’s newest tracking device has a sleek design, and it’s incredibly functional, especially if you’re constantly losing your keys or bag. That being said, it’s still far from perfect. The AirTag scratches easily, and since it doesn’t have a way to attach itself to objects, you’re going to need a keychain or something similar.

Some people have managed to drill a keyring hole into their AirTag and still make it work – but we couldn’t ever recommend you to do that. Fortunately, there are other ways for you to carry your AirTag that won’t ruin its warranty.

Continue reading to browse seven cool, new AirTag accessories that’ll let you use your AirTag almost anywhere, protect it, and more.

TagCard Flex | Put Your AirTag in Your Wallet

TagCard Flex Wallet Case for AirTag

Unlike other tracking devices like Tile, the Apple AirTag only comes in a somewhat thick, round size, making it hard to keep in your wallet. But this 3D-printed TagCard Flex will solve that problem. TagCard Flex is a 3D printed accessory that helps you keep your AirTag in your wallet without worrying that you might damage it. What’s great is that it’s made out of flexible plastic, so the TagCard won’t break in your wallet if you happen to sit on it. Keep in mind, though, that this holder is just as thick as the AirTag, so it’ll take the same space as six credit cards on your wallet. If you’re someone who uses big wallets, then you’ll have no problem using it, helping to ensure that your wallet won’t get lost again.

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Caseology Vault AirTag Case | Light and Durable

Caseology Vault Case for AirTag

I know you’ve probably seen a million different keychains for AirTags, but this AirTag case from Caseology takes your AirTag protection to a whole new level. What makes this case great is how it combines durability, style, and functionality into such a small design. You’ll only need to clip it once, and you’ll be ready to go. Plus, the case won’t interfere with the AirTag’s Bluetooth signal if you’re worried about that. What’s also cool about this case is that you can place it pretty much anywhere. Since it doesn’t add that much bulk, you can still attach your AirTags to your keys, backpack, or even your dog’s collar. 

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Carbon Fiber Protective Skin | Customize Your AirTag, Add NFC

Carbon Fiber Anti Scratch Skin for AirTag

As you’d expect from Apple, the AirTag only comes in a single white color. And while the AirTag does look cool in that color, we’d all love to have more options. This is where this anti-scratch carbon fiber protective skin comes in. This little accessory will keep the front and back of your AirTags protected while adding a unique look to them. There are five different styles to choose from, including black and white carbon fiber and chrome finish. There’s also a clear one in case you don’t want your AirTag to stand out that much. Another cool feature about this skin is that it’s NFC enabled. You can make your AirTags even more useful by creating a shortcut that’ll trigger when you tap your AirTags. Overall, it’s the perfect blend between security and functionality.

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TPU Protective Film | A Simple Way to Avoid Scratches

TPU Protective Film for AirTag

If you’re just worried about your AirTag getting scratched when you put it on your bag, you’ll want to protect it with this TPU protective film. This protective film is simple to set up. All you need to do is peel off the cover and place the film on your AirTag. The extra layer of protection will protect the aluminum part of the AirTag so it won’t get any unwanted scratches. It’s really easy to use, and the adhesive is strong, so you know it won’t fall off easily. 

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dbrand Keychain and Skin | Protection and Style

dbrand AirTag Grip Case

If you’re looking for a cool keychain and skin combo for your AirTag, look no further than dbrand’s AirTag Grip Case. This combo brings an AirTag holder, lanyard, keyring attachment, and skins for the front and back of your AirTag. Not too shabby for a company that claims to control society by using the “invisible hand of commerce.” If you already know dbrand, you know there’s a bunch of colors you can choose for your skin. And, if you want, you can buy a whole pack of skins and grips to cover all of your AirTags. Or you can also order just the skin if you already have a keychain to hold your AirTags. 

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Leather AirTag Holder | Attach to a Bag Strap or Dog Collar

Leather AirTag Holder

If you don’t want to let the world know you’re holding an AirTag all the time, or you even want to forget you have an AirTag with you, then you should try this Leather AirTag Holder. This AirTag holder is a perfect way to keep your AirTag safe on your bags, purses, and even your dog. You can slide it on any 1-inch strap or dog collar, and it comes with a small hole so you can still show off the emoji you engraved on your AirTag. Or, you can also turn the circle inside so it looks like a regular strap. It works great for protecting and hiding your AirTag. What’s cool is that you can talk to the seller on Etsy and choose which colors you want to use on the stitching and the material since this strap is entirely handmade. Talk about customization.

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Catnot Silicone Case | Stick Your AirTag to Anything

Catnot Sillicone Case for AirTag

One of AirTag’s biggest problems is that you can’t stick it to any objects by itself. Fortunately, this Catnot Silicone Case is here to save the day. At first glance, this is just like any other AirTag cover you’ve probably seen. It’s lightweight so that you won’t feel it on your pockets, and it’s durable enough to protect your AirTag from scratches and light drops. Plus, it comes in different colors, so you can quickly identify which AirTag is which. But it’s more than that; it also comes with an adhesive that’ll let you attach your AirTag to any surface. You won’t have to worry about losing your remote, iPad, or ax ever again. No joke, Catnot says you can stick it to an ax. Why? I don’t know, but if you’re constantly losing your ax, there’s an easy way to fix that.

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