Why People Are Drilling Holes Into Their AirTags (Not Recommended)

This modification would most definitely void your warranty.
AirTags Hole with Drill Credit: MacRumors
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Apple’s AirTag trackers show promise, but they lack a key feature. Unlike Tile and other location trackers, AirTags do not have an integrated clip or loop for attaching them to other items. Owners must purchase a standalone case, like the pricey leather holders on Apple’s website. Not everyone wants to drop a lot of cash on a keychain holder, so it’s not surprising to see DIYers come up with an alternative.

According to MacRumors forum member Smythey, you can drill a hole into an AirTag without damaging the internal components. Smythey drilled a small hole on the outer edge of the tracker and put a piece of string through the hole. It’s not a very elegant look, but it works to attach the AirTag to a keychain. When drilling the hole, owners need to make sure they are drilling through the plastic housing as close to the edge as possible.

YouTube teardown of the small tracker reveals the internal layout of the device and the position of the logic board. Not surprisingly, the AirTag has a round circuit board that is slightly smaller than the casing. There is just enough room to drill a small hole at the edge of the plastic casing.

Drilling such a hole may be convenient, but owners should know that such a modification will void the warranty. It could also damage the tracker either during the drilling or afterward if moisture were to seep into the hole.

If you have an AirTag and don’t want to risk drilling a hole through its plastic casing, you can purchase a key ring or similar holder through Apple or opt for third-party accessories.

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