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T-Mobile Strikes Back at Verizon with Massive Upgrades to ‘One’ Plan

T-Mobile Strikes Back at Verizon with Massive Upgrades to 'One' Plan
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T-Mobile has just announced the expansion of its unlimited T-Mobile ONE plan, which now includes HD video and 10GB LTE hotspot tethering at no extra charge. To sweeten the deal, T-Mobile is also offering limited-time deal of two lines for only $100.

The latest announcement is yet another salvo in the intensifying struggle between T-Mobile and Verizon. Verizon’s been facing stiffer competition from T-Mobile, the self-styled “Un-Carrier” that has staged a major comeback in recent years. The two carriers recently tied for best wireless networks, according to an OpenSignal report. The report observed that T-Mobile was tied with Verizon in terms of network speed and has been steadily closing the gap in terms of coverage.

“Verizon has clearly taken exception to T-Mobile’s recent attempts to steal the network spotlight,” the report notes. This weekend, Verizon reversed its stance on unlimited data plans and announced the return of ‘Verizon Unlimited’ for $80 a month. It looks like T-Mobile was more than ready to respond in kind with the latest upgrade to its standard One plan, which kicks in on February 17.

“I don’t blame Verizon for caving. They just lost their network advantage, and they know it … and more importantly, more and more customers know it. Their back’s against the wall,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “This is what the un-carrier does—drag the carriers kicking and screaming into the future. Next up, we’re going to force them to include monthly taxes and fees. Mark my words.”

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