Strengthen Your iPhone 7 Photography Skills with Apple’s New Tutorials

Strengthen Your iPhone 7 Photography Skills with Apple's New Tutorials

Image via Apple

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Apple wants to help you brush up on your iPhone photography skills — and the company has launched a new video series and website to do just that.

The educational series is made up of short, succinct clips, each around 40 seconds long, and feature step-by-step instructions layered with beautifully shot video. Each video is designed to teach a certain photography skill or feature on both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Topics range from “How to shoot a close-up on iPhone 7” to “How to shoot a great portrait” on iPhone 7 Plus.

Most of the videos focus on basic tasks, and in turn, will be much more useful to iPhone beginners or those who haven’t learned the intricacies of using the iPhone’s built-in camera.

How to Shoot a Close up on iPhone 7

How to Shoot a Great Portrait on iPhone 7 Plus

While Apple uploaded five videos to its YouTube channel on May 11, the corresponding website — “How to Shoot on iPhone 7” — features a wider range of videos and topics, some of which delve a bit more into actual photography techniques rather than iPhone camera functionality. Some of the technique-based videos include “How to capture a unique angle” and “How to shoot with street light.” These are perfect for those who already know how to use the iPhone as a camera — and are just looking to bump up their photography skills. Apple will, presumably, upload the rest of the videos to its YouTube channel sometime in the future.

In Apple’s more recent marketing, the company has placed particular focus on the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-lens camera and Portrait Mode. And for good reason, too. The iPhone 7 Plus has been used by magazine and editorial photographers to shoot professional-level photos. Publisher Condé Nast even recently unveiled two magazine covers shot using the iPhone 7 Plus — a first for the company’s family of publications.

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