Social Media Star ‘Hushpuppi’ Flaunts Extravagant 24K Gold Plated iPhone X

Social Media Star 'Hushpuppi' Flaunts Extravagant 24K Gold Plated iPhone X
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Apple’s iPhones are already higher-end devices, and the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever made. But, of course, there are always those who take things to a whole other level.

Enter Hushpuppi, a so-called “Big Boy” from Nigeria, a new class of social media star known for their opulent and luxurious lifestyles. Hushpuppi, who lives in Malaysia, has reportedly just acquired a custom 24-karat gold plated iPhone X, according to local media.

The extravagant iPhone X apparently cost the social media personality around 2.4 million Nigerian Naira — about $6,670. For comparison’s sake, a standard iPhone X costs about 510,00 Naira — roughly about $1,417 in U.S. currency (owing to the fact that the iPhone X retails for much more than the U.S. $999 in many countries).

Hushpuppi shared his luxurious acquisition on Snapchat, where he unboxed the special edition iPhone X and showed it off.

It’s not entirely clear which firm customized the iPhone X for the Malaysia-based father of one, but there are actually quite a few companies that offer rather over-the-top editions of Apple’s latest and greatest flagship.

For example, Helsinki-based Legend offers a slew of bespoke, gold-clad electronics — including an “Aurum” edition iPhone X that sports a layer of 24-karat gold and a hand-cut mother of pearl Apple logo, and solid 18-karat gold frame. Retail price? About $3,494 in U.S. dollars.

Before you start pulling out your credit card, keep in mind that Legend only produced 10 of those devices — which are all, presumably, sold.

Not to worry, though. A company in the United Arab Emirates by the name of Axiom Telecom offers a 256-gigabyte iPhone X with 24-karat gold-plated trim — though its back construction appears to be standard black glass. It retails for 6,599 AED, roughly $1,551 in U.S. currency and about $400 more than what Apple charges for the standard model of the device.

And in September 2017, Los Angeles-based accessory maker Brikk announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for custom luxury editions of the iPhone X, including models plated with solid gold, rose gold or platinum. While prices vary, you can expect to pay between $7,495 and $69,995 to get your hands on one.

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