Sadly, Watching TV over the Internet Is Getting a Lot More Expensive

YouTube TV Price Increase Credit: PixieMe / Shutterstock
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It’s not been a good time for customers who stream their TV shows instead of subscribing to cable TV. More than one streaming service announced price increases, and these increases can be hefty with some services charging up to 30% more than before.

YouTube TV Price Hike

The most significant price jump was from YouTube TV which announced a 30 percent increase that applies immediately to all its customers. New customers will be paying $65 per month for the streaming service while existing customers will see the increase in their July bill.

The change is the result of new programming added to the service from CBS/Viacom and includes BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, TV Land, and VH1.

These channels are mandatory, and users cannot opt-out of this new programming to lower their monthly payment. Disgruntled users can pause or cancel their service by visiting this cancellation page on YouTube’s website.

YouTube isn’t the only network that increased its prices recently. AT&T TV and DirecTV subscribers also will pay more for their service beginning last week. AT&T raised the prices for each service on its website without a formal announcement.

AT&T TV and DirecTV Price Hikes

According to TV Answer Man, AT&T boosted the price of its DirectTV plans by $10.

This increase applies to the first year of service and extends to all service tiers. The entry-level Select Plan is now $85 a month, while the all-inclusive Ultimate package is now $142 per month.

This price bump applies only to the first year of service and is not added to the second year prices, which already jump a bit once the first-year promotional pricing expires.

This increase doesn’t raise prices to an all-time high, though. Earlier this year, AT&T rolled back its first-year rates, and this increase restores the original pricing. Customers who signed up when these lower prices were in effect will keep the discount as the price increase does not apply to existing customers.

AT&T also raised its AT&T TV plans by $10 with the Entertainment Plan rising to $60 per month and the Ultimate Plan now costing $80 per month. Unlike DirecTV, AT&T TV was not discounted earlier this year, and this increase actually raises the service rate. Once again, it only applies to new customers. Existing customers will continue to be charged the same rate for their monthly service.

Apple TV+ Remains Affordable

Apple TV+ is a relative newcomer in the TV streaming marketplace. The streaming service does not have the breadth of programming as competing services such as YouTube TV, Netflix, or Hulu. Apple instead is working on bringing new and exciting content to the streaming service including an Israeli Spy series, a Tom Hanks special, and a deal with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. Apple TV+ costs just $5 per month with a free week trial to check out the service before you are charged.

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