Rioters Raid and Loot French Apple Store Amid Fiery Anti-Govt. Protests

Apple Store Robbery Bordeaux France Credit: Teller Report
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Ongoing anti-government protests have rocked and wreaked apocalyptic-like havoc upon various parts of France in recent days. The riots reached new heights over the weekend when an angry mob of so-called ‘yellow vest’ protesters allegedly breached, raided and looted Apple’s flagship Store in the heart of Bordeaux.

Looters breached and swarmed the posh location on Saturday night, according to a Sputnik news report, at whence they proceeded to yank devices like MacBooks, iPhones and Apple Watches, along with other accessories and products, off store shelves and wooden display tables. See the video below.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen so many times before, Apple Store and other big-box retailers like Best Buy have for long been prime targets of similar high-stakes theft operations — largely considering the high-value of all the products up-for-grabs inside.

In the following, since-gone-viral video clip of the indecent, which was captured and originally shared to Twitter, several of the looters can be seen donning the same yellow vest jackets as rioters in the streets.

What makes this weekend’s Bordeaux, France Apple Store incident stand out amid the litany of strategic, planned and highly-calculated theft operations we’ve seen, however, is it appears to have happened rather spontaneously, amid a flurry of fiery, violent and destructive protests which seemingly spilled-over from the streets.

According to several media reports, as many as 125,000 people took to the streets of various French cities earlier in the day on Saturday in protest of highly-controversial tax policies recently instated by embattled French President Emmanuel Macron and his government.

Rioters are particularly furious over the government’s imposition of increased taxes on consumables like diesel fuel and gasoline. And some 89,000 heavily-armed police have already been deployed in Paris, alone, to help curb the violence.

While it’s unclear if (or why) protesters targeted the Bordeaux, France Apple Store, it’s worth pointing out that Cupertino has in the past been scrutinized by French media outlets over issues like its alleged tax evasion in the country — which is a seemingly poignant issue being raised by protesters in the streets.


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