$150K Worth of Apple Products Stolen in Massive Best Buy Robbery

Best Buy Store Credit: Sanvada / Shutterstock
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An estimated $150,000 worth of brand-new merchandise, including mostly Apple MacBook Pro laptops, iPads and Apple Watches, was reportedly stolen from a Best Buy retail location in Peoria, Illinois, sometime between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, local police report via Central Illinois Proud.

According to CIP, the Peoria Police Department was called to the scene of a Best Buy store located at 5001 N. Big Hollow Road around 7:20 a.m. Thursday morning — where they were confronted by the grim scene of entire cage bins in the warehouse having been completely ransacked of merchandise.

No alarm was set-off at the store. Police have reportedly reviewed overnight surveillance footage captured in the center where Best Buy — along with a Lowes, Target, and other big-box retail chains — is located, however no suspect(s) have been identified.

A Best Buy employee told authorities he saw “two people looking in the doors” during his shift, and prior to the burglary, adding that he asked them if they needed help finding anything.

Upon confrontation, the duo reportedly exited the front of the store, proceeded to get in their vehicle and drive behind the building before ultimately driving away.

Police are still actively piecing together the information and clues available to them.

Best ‘Buy’?

Sadly, this heist merely represents the latest (and most high-valued) theft to have been carried-out at a Best Buy brick-and-mortar location, which have multiple times in the past proven to be hot targets for brazen burglars given the high-value and salability of what’s “up-for-grabs” inside.

Apple Store locations all across the country (and specifically in the state of California, where authorities recently busted a state-wide Apple Store theft operation) have also, in recent years, proven to be prime targets among thieves and other nefarious actors of the night.

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