Rare Misprinted Apple iPhone 11 Pro Allegedly Sells for Whopping $2,700

Misprinted iPhone 11 Pro Credit: Twitter / Internal Archive
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Apple is known for its rigorous quality control that aims to detect manufacturing issues before they land into customers’ hands. Apple may be thorough, but the company is not perfect. Occasionally, a few blunders fall through the cracks.

Usually, these defective phones have issues that affect their performance, but sometimes the flaw is cosmetic. Recently, one of these cosmetic blunders hit the resale market and sold for just under three grand.

According to a tweet by Internal Archive and reported by AppleInsider, a misprinted iPhone 11 Pro fetched the owner a cool $2,700.

The tweet claims the phone is extremely rare, with a 1 in 100 million chance of this misprint happening.

As shown in photos, this phone alleged to have a defective Apple logo on the phone’s back. The Apple logo is not only off-center, but it also is shifted slightly upwards.

This error likely happened because the phone’s rear panel was not seated properly in a holder before the Apple logo was applied.

According to the report, Apple not only missed the misprinted iPhone 11 Pro but the company also let it slip into a consumer’s hands. Unfortunately, no further details about the iPhone are known.

The report did not specify who obtained the phone nor when it was purchased. We also don’t know whether the person sold it via a private sale or an auction.

To prove the phone is real, Twitter user Internal Archive does include a few photos that show the iPhone 11 Pro by itself and then next to a standard iPhone 11 Pro to show the misprint. This is all we have to confirm the authenticity of the phone.

The Twitter user who shared the misprinted iPhone is not known in Apple circles, and there is no independent confirmation that the phone is legitimate.

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