Pair of Robbers Return Stolen Android to Victim Because It Wasn’t an iPhone

Android Robbers 2 Credit: 7News Miami
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Android versus iPhone is a matter of personal preference — but also a source of contention and debate in the tech ecosystem. Now, even criminals are taking sides.

According to a local media report out of the Miami area, two men were arrested after they allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint for her smartphone. But the story doesn’t end there. And, in fact, it takes a really bizarre turn.

Witnesses who saw the crime being committed told 7News that they “heard the gun cock back” at the scene, which was in an alley near a gas station. Then, they said their friend came back and said she was robbed. But the same witness said the duo of thieves actually came back with the device they had stolen.

“They brought it back because it was an Android,” the witness said. “They wanted an iPhone.”

It was actually that bizarre twist that led to the mens’ arrest, however. The witness said they contacted the police after the thieves brought the device back. “They returned it back to her. That’s what made us call the police, because we got the tag when they returned the phone back to us, so that’s when I called the police,” the man told 7News.

It is worth noting that the thieves’ choice of target was likely a poor one. Apple devices, including iPhones, have encryption and security mechanisms that are notoriously hard to break into. Aside from ethical reasons, that makes stealing iPhones a generally bad idea.

On the other hand, the tough encryption on Apple’s flagship product has also caused thieves to resort to more devious methods of bypassing that security. According to a report earlier this year, that includes coercing users to unlock their iPhones, log out of iCloud and disable Find My iPhone during robberies.

While no one was hurt during the admittedly amusing story, it was still a robbery. Local authorities urge citizens to contact Miami-Date Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS if they have any information on smartphone robberies in the area.

If you’re worried about becoming a victim of theft, there are a few steps you can take to help make your iPhone easier to recover if it’s stolen.

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