Oprah Surprises Student with New iPhone After Poking Fun at His Cracked Screen

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Oprah Winfrey is well-known for giving gifts. But one student from Morehouse College in Atlanta was able to experience that reputation first-hand.

It all started last month after Oprah surprised Morehouse College with a $13 million donation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. When she was visiting the Atlanta university, student Olufemi Yessoufou flagged her down and asked to take a selfie with her.

Yessoufou and his friend recorded a short clip with Oprah, who actually poked fun at the student’s device — which apparently had a broken screen.

“Hey. That’s me,” Oprah said in the clip. “That’s me in your cracked phone.”

The short video, which Yessoufou posted to Twitter on Oct. 7 with the caption “she played me,” quickly went viral. It’s racked up more than 10,000 retweets and 70,000 likes since it was posted.

That would have been the end of the story if Winfrey didn’t decide to send the college freshman a brand new device. He received the new iPhone 11 Pro in the mail later that month, with a note dated Oct. 17.

“Dear Olufemi, we can’t have you out here viewing the world thru a cracked screen or a cracked cover,” the note read. “The new camera you’re gonna love for sure!”

Yessoufou thanked the television mogul on Twitter just a few days ago, again racking up tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

Just a few days ago, a larger group of Morehouse Students took to Instagram to thank Oprah again for the gift.

But they also announced a new initiative that they had developed, Adopt A House, which encourages corporations or individuals to invest in Morehouse to sponsor renovations and retrofits — and which Oprah had lauded and helped guide to fruition.

“Thank you, Ms. Winfrey,” the group of students said in the clip. “A gift to one of our brothers is a gift to all of our brothers.”

Oprah, for her part, has teamed up with Apple for a “multi-year content partnership.” In addition to several upcoming projects for Apple TV+, Oprah and Apple also announced a new global book club through the Apple Books and Apple TV platforms.

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