Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run’ Is Officially Available for iPhone and iPad

Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Is Officially Available for iPhone and iPad
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Ushering in the era of their “special new relationship,” Apple and Nintendo on Thursday morning officially released the Japanese gaming-giant’s hotly anticipated Super Mario Run game for iOS.

Super Mario Run was first shown off on stage at Apple’s September 7th iPhone 7 unveiling event by Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the hot new title’s main character, Mario — who many of us know as the iconic red-hatted, pot-belly, thick mustached Italian that’s brought joy and entertainment to millions of living rooms across the globe over the last few decades.

The game itself boasts a relatively simple, endless runner-style mode of play. Mario will run continuously towards the right of the screen, as players tap-tap-tap on it in order to help him jump — thereby avoiding any obstacles, clearing any gaps, or performing any other stunts to help him successfully navigate the path — while, at the same time, collecting as many coins as possible along the way.

The game also features several different game modes. For instance, according players can choose from the basic World Tour mode, in which they’ll guide Mario through six unique worlds — comprised of over 24 courses — in order to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of her captor — Mario’s arch nemesis, Bowser.

Additionally, Super Mario Run features a Toad Rally mode — essentially a multiplayer mode — in which users can challenge their friends, or other players, in a race to collect the most coins. Finally, a mode referred to as Kingdom Builder mode actually allows players to customize a virtual environment all their own to play in — complete with buildings, decorative objects, and unique backdrops that can be purchased using coins and toads collected during Toad Rally competitions.

In the weeks leading up to Thursday morning’s launch of Super Mario Run, both Nintendo and Apple had been aggressively hyping up the title via a number of medians. Nintendo’s Miyamoto, for instance, has made a number of high-profile appearances in recent weeks, most recently as an audience member on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” — while host Jimmy Fallon tried his hand at a level in the game for all in attendance to watch. Apple, albeit in a slightly different fashion, has also been hyping up the game over the last few weeks, giving it a premium, front-and-center featured spot on the company’s App Store home page for over the last month.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a copy of Super Mario Run, you can now head on over to the App Store and download the title for free. As previously noted, you’ll be able to play the game initially at no cost — with the option to upgrade, fully unlocking the rest of the title for just $9.99 once you’ve reach the end of the free play period.

Download Super Mario run here.

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