‘Super Mario Run’ Will Launch on the Apple App Store December 15th for $9.99

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Back at Apple’s September 7th iPhone unveiling event, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto — the famed creator of the Japanese gaming-giant’s iconic Mario character — took center stage to announce the impending release of his company’s first fully-fledged iOS title — Super Mario Run. Details about the game’s release were scarce at Apple’s iPhone 7 unveiling event, however we now know the when, where, and how much as it pertains to Nintendo’s forthcoming game.

On Tuesday morning, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run would be going live on the Apple App Store as of December 15th. As Nintendo previously made clear, the game will be available to download and play (up to a certain level) for free. However, if you should decide that you want to continue playing after the gratis play period has expired, Nintendo will be offering a full license purchase, in app, for a modest one-time charge of $9.99.

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first “major” foray in the mobile OS gaming space, featuring one of the Japanese gaming-giant’s most iconic and universally beloved characters, Mario. The title is essentially an endless runner-style game, set amidst the iconic backdrop of Mario’s turf. As he runs progressively towards the right, a player’s tapping on the screen causes Mario to jump, thereby collecting coins, avoiding obstacles, and advancing to higher levels along the way.

The longer a user taps on the screen, the higher Mario will jump, as he collects coins and makes his way through an increasingly complex terrain. Additionally, a selection of onscreen controls will be present to help you carry out minor tasks — such as reversing Mario’s direction, for instance, or momentarily stopping progress to enable the precise timing of a jump.

The forthcoming title also features a separate “Toad Rally” mode — a more competitive element of the game in which victory is determined entirely by the number of coins you collect in relation to the “ghost” (your competition) who’s running alongside you.

To learn more about Super Mario Run, be sure to check out our previous report on the game, And be sure to look out for the title when it drops on December 15th in the Apple App Store.

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