Next Week: 2024 WWDC and What to Expect

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Apple’s 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, this year will mark a huge change for Apple’s software. If the rumors are true, Apple will change the iPhone as we know it, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

While it seems like AI and iOS 18 will be the main focus of this event, there are still a handful of other things we expect to see this year.

If you’re as excited as us, here’s everything you can expect from Apple’s WWDC.

AI Is Coming to Your iPhone

Artificial Intelligence has been the biggest trend for a while now, and Apple is finally catching on. 

While all the other big tech companies have already started demonstrating the power of AI in their devices, Apple has remained silent.

But you know Apple; it may not be the first, but it always tries to be the best. And if the rumors are true, Apple will finally reveal the power of AI in iOS 18. Many rumors and speculations have pointed to ways in which Apple will implement AI in many of its first-party apps:

  1. iOS 18 might now suggest possible replies for text messages and emails. Unlike the typical default responses you find in Gmail, this response would be based on the conversation you’re having, making it way more useful and personalized.
  2. It seems like AI could also be used with apps like Notes or Journal to help you get ideas on what to write when you’re feeling writer’s block.
  3. Some rumors suggest there will be a smart recap feature that will automatically summarize texts, notes, documents, and web pages instantly. 
  4. There might also be a custom emoji creation, which will let you create an emoji or sticker just by writing what you want it to be.
  5. There are also rumors that AI will be implemented in the Photos app. While we don’t know exactly how that would work, we could assume it will be something similar to Samsung’s AI features, which let you edit images in many different ways. For instance, you can brighten a dark photo or delete any unwanted objects or people in your pictures with just a few taps.

While we don’t know how many apps will use artificial intelligence, we can expect Apple to have more surprises up its sleeve.

A New and Smarter Siri Is Coming


If even half the rumors are true, Siri will be the biggest winner this year. Apple is expected to completely change Siri to make it smarter than ever thanks to AI.

Rumor has it that Siri might use Apple’s own Ajax large language model (LLM) to make it easier to use. For instance, the new Siri could actually have a conversation with you instead of just answering once and turning itself off. 

Rumors say Siri will also be better at giving app suggestions, scheduling appointments, and updating your grocery list. We don’t know what else Siri will be able to do, but we’re sure there’s more to it than we know.

Other Software Updates Are Coming as Well

Beyond iOS 18 and AI, this year’s WWDC will also include many other new features and software updates for Apple’s other platforms.

iOS 18

iOS 18

As we mentioned, iOS 18’s new AI features will definitely steal the spotlight, but there will be a few other changes coming to the iPhone besides artificial intelligence. 

The biggest change will be in the design. Some rumors suggest Apple will completely redesign iOS 18 this year, with a new look that will feel similar to visionOS. While it may not go that far, reliable sources point to a much more customizable Home Screen and redesigned Control Center.

What’s even more significant is that we’re getting RCS on the iPhone for the first time ever. Rich Communication Services (RCS), is a standard protocol used in text messages. Think of it as an upgraded version of texting. With it, you can chat with Android users like you would on WhatsApp. This means that you can send higher-quality images and videos or see if the other person has read your texts.

Android has had this feature for years, but Apple has confirmed that it will come to the iPhone later this year. Still, with all the things Apple has to cover, we don’t know if we’ll see it during its WWDC presentation.

iPadOS 18

Of course, besides iOS 18, we’ll also see iPadOS 18. While we’re sure the new iPad software update will bring AI into the mix as well, the biggest change that we’re all waiting for is the Calculator app, which will finally come to the iPad after a decade-long wait.

The company also confirmed that new accessibility features will be coming to the iPad later in 2024.

macOS 15


As usual, the Mac will receive a new software update in macOS 15. While we don’t know the official name yet, we expect a few changes to the operating system.

First, it’s the Calculator app. If you have seen the Mac’s Calculator, you know how underwhelming it is for a computer app. Luckily, rumor has it that Apple will redesign it this time around. Yes, it’s weird that we’re getting excited over some changes to a calculator, but we’ll take what we can get.

Moreover, there have been reports that Apple will also change the UI of macOS. We don’t know for sure everything that Apple will change, but it’s expected that the System Settings and Siri will see some changes.

watchOS 11, visionOS 2, and tvOS 18

Apple is also planning to reveal watchOS 11, visionOS 2, and tvOS 18. While these software updates seem small compared to the others, there will still be some changes worth mentioning.

First, for watchOS 11, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will add more Siri on-the-go tasks, which means it’ll be able to do more with Siri without relying on your iPhone. 

As for visionOS, since it’s a fairly new operating system, we aren’t expecting many changes. According to Gurman, there will be more apps available that are actually for the Apple Vision Pro instead of just using iPad apps. We don’t know which ones there will be, but Apps like Reminders and Calendar still lack a native visionOS app.

Unfortunately, for fans of the Apple TV, there aren’t many rumors about what’s coming to tvOS 18 this year, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will we see a new product during this year’s WWDC?

There have been times when Apple surprised us with a brand-new product during its WWDC presentation. Unfortunately, that might not be the case this year.

According to Gurman, Apple will only showcase new software updates, and there are no plans to reveal a new product, which makes sense when you consider everything new Apple already has to go over.

How Can You Watch the 2024 WWDC?

WWDC24 Logo in Apple Park Circle1

You can watch everything that Apple has to offer from your own home. You can watch this year’s presentation on YouTube. Just go to Apple’s livestream and ask YouTube to notify you once it goes live on June 10.

Get Ready for AI

Whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay. And Apple will make that official next week. From new AI features to a completely new Siri, there’s a lot to cover this year. 

Keep in mind, though, that there will probably be more features that we haven’t even heard of. If you want to see everything Apple has in store for us, don’t forget to tune in to its stream on June 10 at 10 a.m. PT.

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