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First rumors about an Apple Car, and now rumors about a new Apple TV seem to be dominating headlines recently. With beefed-up processing power and a new design, the next-generation Apple TV may burst out of its niche market and take off like the iPad and iPhone did. Just several days ago, iDrop News reported that the new Apple TV, which is expected to debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, may include Siri support and an App Store. Lastly, the possibility of a subscription TV service may make the Apple TV a household name.

The next-generation Apple TV is rumored to contain more storage and an A8 or possibly an A8X processor. The A8 chip, found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is, in itself, powerful enough to output 4K resolution (the equivalent to 2160p) video. While support for 4K content is a bit scarce right now, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon are beginning to stream some videos in 4K, and televisions that support the ultra-high definition resolution are beginning to gain popularity in the market. The A8X processor, found in the iPad Air 2, offers even more impressive power. If either of these chips finds their way into the new set-top, Apple users would be able to stream 4K content to their television sets.

While 4K content streaming to your television is certainly exciting, it wouldn’t be unique to Apple. However, pair this increased processing power with the addition of an App Store to the Apple TV, and a whole new set of possibilities opens up. An A8 or A8X processor would be perfectly capable of powering an impressive array of games, from simple games like Angry Birds all the way up to complex games enjoyed by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users. Support for third-party Bluetooth controllers, already supported by iPhones and iPads, could turn the new Apple TV into a competitor in the console gaming market.

All other rumors aside, the most exciting possibility for the new Apple TV is the inclusion of a subscription  Apple TV service. Rumor has it that Apple will be announcing a new $25-$40/month streaming service in June, and that it will be available to Apple users by September. The service will reportedly feature about 25 channels when it launches, including ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, and more. The service would undoubtedly be popular with those who are fed up with paying exorbitant prices to cable companies for access to hundreds of channels that they don’t watch.

With the ability to download and stream movies and music from a variety of apps, play games on the device, and watch live TV from a selection of popular channels, the Apple TV may find itself into the living rooms of many families across America. Add in home automation support from the HomeKit SDK, and the new Apple TV may become the new hub of your home.

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