Man’s Brand New iPhone Contains Terrifying Image of Woman with Badly Bruised Eyes

Man’s Brand New iPhone Contains Terrifying Image of Woman with Badly Bruised Eyes
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Call it logic, or simply par for the course, but when we buy something brand new, most of us would expect to get something ‘brand new’ — as in, a fresh slate, devoid of content, upon which we can build a personal, digital content empire.

But what happens when we buy something “new,” only to receive it and ultimately arrive at the realization that it is not? Well, the average person would likely be a bit ticked off — to say the least. However, in the case of the man who discovered a creepy photo stored on the hard drive of his brand new iPhone, we’d say there’s much more of a reason to be alarmed.

What the man discovered, stored away on the hard drive of his brand new, freshly unboxed iPhone, was the photo of a woman — with big, dark bruises ornamenting the perimeter of her eyes.

As YouTube sensation Julian Cavalero explains in his video outlining the details of the experience, the customer who purchased the iPhone reported that he had not taken the photo, nor does he know how it got there.

Alarmed by the presence of the photo on his new phone, the man reportedly tried returning it to the store for a replacement. However, the Apple store rep ultimately cleared the device for the man — although, even after that, the photo still remained.

As curious, skeptical people usually tend to do, several of the million or so YouTube users who viewed the video had speculated in regards to the origins of the photo.

Some users suggested theories more grounded in logic — such as that the photo is either an elaborate hoax, or that the phone was previously owned by another user, prior to being returned and then resealed for sale by Apple. Other users, however, suggested more unrealistic, far-out theories — such as that the photo may exist as the result of paranormal activity, or that the brand-new iPhone was somehow stolen at some point before its sealed package arrived at the Apple store.

Clearly a lot of different ideas floating around out there — but regardless, one thing is for certain: it must be quite a strange experience, stumbling upon a creepy photo such as this, while not being able to determine its origins.

How do you think it could’ve gotten there? Or is this whole story, as some users suggested, just an elaborate hoax? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Photo Copyright: cnythzl
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