This Man Owns the World’s Largest Collection of Rare Apple Prototypes

Hap Plain Apple Collector Prototypes Credit: CNBC
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We’ve witnessed a myriad of rare, vintage, obsolete or otherwise one-of-a-kind Apple products emerge from the woodwork over the years. From limited-production computers like the Apple LISA, to far-out prototypes of failed Apple products which never quite caught on with the general public — some of these technological rarities have gone on to fetch insufferable sums of money on the private and charity auction circuits.

Rare Apple products (and prototypes of them) are a hot-ticket commodity, financially and nostalgically, to the dedicated groups and individuals determined to preserve their legacy. 

Over the weekend, we were given a rare glimpse into one of the most extensive, valuable, and downright fascinating of these Apple product collections. The collection is owned exclusively by a man named Hap Plain, as highlighted in a CNBC News report.

“Hap Plain has amassed one of the largest private collections of rare and unreleased Apple prototypes,” CNBC reports, adding that the private collector owns an estimated 250 Apple prototypes including several never-before-seen iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and accessory designs.

As highlighted in the video above, Mr. Plain collects these rarities for his own personal enjoyment, out of unbridled passion for Apple as a company, and the many game-changing products it creates. Just recently, the collector noted he came into success on the popular online auction site, eBay, where he claims to have sold one of his rare prototypes for more than $16,000.

Moving forward, Mr. Plain says he only plans to sell prototypes of devices which he owns multiple copies of — and even then, the money generated from any sales will be reinvested in newer, more unique additions to his thriving collection.

Clearly this guy is just out there having the time of his life and takes great pride in maintaining and growing his collection. Apple, however, doesn’t appear so keen about Mr. Plain’s actions, and according to the report, Cupertino’s legal team has already contacted the collector expressing their disapproval with its prototypes being sold online.


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