iMac Pro Benchmarks Confirm That It’s the Most Powerful Mac

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A few possible benchmark stats for the new iMac Pro have surfaced online, and the computer already looks incredibly impressive.

The results, identified as “AAPJ1371,1,” were first spotted on Geekbench. Two tests for the 8-core model were seemingly uploaded in August, with another test for the 10-core iMac Pro conducted earlier this month. And the scores only confirm what Apple announced at WWDC ’17: this is the most powerful Mac the company has ever made.

The average Geekbench multi-core score for the 8-core iMac Pro is 23,536 — the highest performance seen from any iMac ever. It’s faster than the latest 5K iMac, which clocked an averaged multi-core score of about 19,336.

The 10-core iMac Pro is even faster, with a multi-core score of 35,917. That’s 41 percent faster than the latest Mac Pro with maxed out internals. More than that, the machine’s single-core score of 5,345 is still faster than basically any Mac other than the highest-end 2017 5K iMacs.

Of course, Apple didn’t stop there. There’s also an 18-core iMac Pro being released this year. While there doesn’t appear to be any benchmark stats for that machine yet, it will undoubtedly blow every other Mac out of the water in terms of performance.

It’s also worth noting that the computers appear to sport custom Xeon chipsets — which haven’t been publicly announced by Intel. Geekbench founder John Poole told MacRumors that the use of custom chips may be because of the iMac Pro’s all-in-one form factor, which, he speculated, may require chips with a lower thermal design power and lower frequencies.

The workstation-class iMac Pro was first unveiled in June at Apple’s WWDC ’17. It’s slated for a launch this December and will start at $4,999 for the base, 8-core model. There’s currently no word as far as a specific release date, or the pricing on the 10-core or 18-core configurations.

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