Legendary ‘I’m a Mac’ Actor Justin Long Now Hawking Intel-Based PCs

Justin Long Im a Mac Credit: Apple / Intel
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Most Apple fans will immediately recognize actor Justin Long who starred in Apple’s popular “I’m a Mac” advertisements.

Long starred as the hip and amiable Mac computer opposite comedian John Hodgman who played the nerdy Windows machine.

Now, Long is the shill for Intel, hawking the company’s Intel-based PCs.

For context, Intel is targeting Apple after the company announced it was phasing out Intel-based architecture and was adopting its own M1 silicon.

And now, Long is starring in a newly released series of ads that feature him discussing the supposed benefits of the Intel-powered PCs.

Long’s latest Intel advertisements borrow heavily from the classic “I’m a Mac” series.

Long even starts in Apple’s characteristic white background and begins his monologue by saying, “Hello, I’m a …. Justin” instead of “a Mac.”

The company’s first M1 macs debuted last year, with the company offering an M1-equipped MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini.

The M1 has been a great success for Apple, with outstanding all-day battery life and off-the-charts performance.

The M1 Macs not only outperform similar Intel-based machines, but they even blow out more powerful iMac all-in-one desktops and professional-level Mac Pro models.

And if that isn’t enough, the platform also allows users to install iOS apps and run them alongside their dedicated macOS apps.

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