Is the iPhone 12 Worth It in 2023?

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pron on Display at an Apple Store Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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Ever since the era of the iPhone 5, Apple’s been constantly releasing new iPhones every single year. Like clockwork, you’ll see a new upgrade near the end of the year. 

And while it’s great to always have Apple’s latest and greatest, sometimes it’s best to choose an older model to spend less money while still capturing some of the amazing features.

Enter the iPhone 12, a really powerful iPhone that brought a lot of new features to the table when it came out in 2020. 

Fast forward three years and Apple has already released the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and the iPhone 15 is just around the corner. 

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This means that you can still find a brand new iPhone 12 for a really low price, but is it worth buying a three year old device? Let’s find out.

When Did the iPhone 12 Release?

Apple revealed the iPhone 12 in October 2020. This date is important as the iPhone 12 is turning three years in 2023. While that means that more modern smartphones already have better specs, it also means that the iPhone 12 will still support a couple of years worth of software updates.

For comparison, the iPhone 6S came out in 2015, and received support updates through 2021. If Apple plans to do the same – like we anticipate, it means that an iPhone 12 should get software updates through 2025 or 2026. That makes it a great, future-proof device at this point in time.

Let’s Talk About the iPhone 12’s Future-Proof Features

iPhone 12 5G
James Yarema / Unsplash

Apple implemented a couple of features on the iPhone 12 that prepare this device to be an all-around compatibile companion.

First, there’s MagSafe. Apple implemented MagSafe on the iPhone for the first time in 2020. This means the iPhone 12 is ready to support any MagSafe accessory there is, like the MagSafe Wallet or a MagSafe charger. 

The second and most important feature is 5G. Now, 5G wasn’t necessarily new in 2020, but it was the first time Apple used 5G on an iPhone—and the company made sure to remind us about 5G in its presentation

With the introduction of 5G on the iPhone, Apple made 5G even more popular, which helped it become more mainstream across the US and the world. With that said, it still isn’t available everywhere. The good news is that if you get an iPhone 12, you’ll get the best of 5G whenever it hits your area without having to get a new phone specifically for this reason. 

What Are the Specs of the iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 Face ID TrueDepth Camera Notch
Chavin Trakulpaibulkij / Unsplash

The iPhone 12 featured a complete redesign from Apple. You’ll instantly notice a flatter design similar to the iPad Pro. 

Additionally, the iPhone also comes with a 6.1-inch display and a dual-camera system in the back, which we’ll talk about in a moment. The display still has the larger notch that not many people like, but it isn’t a deal breaker either. 

On the inside, things get a bit more interesting. Unlike more recent models, the iPhone 12 is rocking the same processor as the Pro version. Despite being three years old, the A14 Bionic chip the iPhone 12 has is still one of the most powerful processors you’ll find on any smartphone.

And while Apple never says what’s the battery on the iPhone, it’s been reported that the iPhone 12 packs a 2,800 mAh battery. That’s not power plant by any means, but it’s still got a decent amount of power to get you through a day (assuming you’re not a power user).

The Cameras on the iPhone 12 Are Great, But They’re Not the Best

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera rear flash on
Hadrian / Shutterstock

The iPhone 12 has a 12MP main camera system and an Ultra Wide camera on the back. The iPhone 12 also supports features like Night mode, Deep Fusion, and better Auto Image Stabilization. 

With that said, it still doesn’t have other more modern features like ProRaw, which you’ll only find in the iPhone 12 Pro models (or the iPhones Pro from the next years).

Of course, the lack of more modern features isn’t a deal breaker at all, and for most regular iPhone users, this camera has more than enough to take the perfect selfie, even in low-light situations. 

What’s the Price of the iPhone 12 in 2023?

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pron on Display at an Apple Store
Hadrian / Shutterstock

Back in 2020, when the iPhone 12 was first released, its price started at $799 for the regular 64GB model. Sure, it wasn’t necessarily a budget phone, but it was still one of the cheaper options at the time. 

Fast forward to 2023, and you’ll surely find the iPhone at a much lower price. If you go to Apple’s own website, you’ll find the iPhone 12 starts at $600 for the 64 GB model. If you want more storage, you can get the 128 GB iPhone 12 for $650. It’s still a lot of money but nothing compared to its original price. 

This is pretty important and will likely determine if the iPhone 12 is worth it for you. Why, I hear you ask? Well, if you go to Apple’s website and search for the iPhone 13, you’ll find that the iPhone 13 mini starts at $600 with 128 GB storage. Moreover, the regular iPhone 13 start’s at $699 for 128 GB of storage. 

If you don’t care about the size, the iPhone 13 mini will give you a better bang for your buck; you’ll save $50 and get more storage. Likewise, if you go for the iPhone 13, you’ll spend $50 more, but you’ll get an even better iPhone with a larger screen.

Is the iPhone 12 Worth It in 2023?

iPhone 12 models fanned out
ALDECA studio / Shutterstock

While the iPhone 12 is a great iPhone that offers all the basic features you can possibly need in your daily life, it’s definitely not worth it because of one thing: the price.

While you can probably get an iPhone 12 for a low price on other websites, when you take a look at Apple’s website, you’ll quickly notice that, for the same price, you can get the more powerful iPhone 13 mini with more storage and the A15 Bionic chip

Or, if you’re willing to spend $50 more, you can get the regular iPhone 13 with the same A15 Bionic chip and a larger 6.1-inch display. Overall, if you’re looking for a cheaper, older iPhone, you should skip the iPhone 12 and go straight for the iPhone 13. 

On the other hand, if you already have the iPhone 12, or you can get it for a really low price, you’ll be happy to know that iPhone made it as future-proof as possible, and you’ll still have a few software updates before you have to consider getting a new one. 

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