This Sleek ‘Apple Phone’ Concept Features a Crazy New Notch and More

New Apple Iphone Concept Images For 2018 101 Credit: Antonio De Rosa
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When Apple unveiled its edge-to-edge iPhone X last year, the company received a wealth of criticism over the device’s ‘notch’ design-feature, specifically railing against the bulging, invasive presence of it taking up precious display area along the handset’s top bezel.

Despite all the initial clamor, even some of the staunchest iPhone X reviewers have come around to making peace with the notch, perhaps upon understanding the complexity of all the technologies packed inside of it.

Even high-end Android-makers like HuaweiGoogle, Motorola and others have come around to building devices that essentially mimic Apple’s iconic yet controversial notch design.

Needless to say, people everywhere are warming up to the notch. And now with Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max and upcoming iPhone XR models trickling into circulation, even more iPhone fans will soon begin experiencing and, in time, perhaps even come to appreciate the notch.

2019 iPhone Lineup Rumored to Slim Down Obtrusive 'Notch'

Apple is even slated to make some big changes to the notch for next year’s 2019 iPhone lineup, with current rumors hinting they’ll not only get trimmed down but that Apple’s TrueDepth camera systems will also receive some nice updates.

But even while Apple is busy putting the finishing touches on its final 2019 iPhone design, concept artists are beginning to give us their own, personal visions of what the future holds for Apple’s most iconic device.

Apple Phone

While Apple set the trend of placing its notch front-and-center, protruding slightly from the smartphone’s top bezel — and while Android-makers have followed suit with no remorse for copying Apple’s signature style — iPhone concept artist Antonio De Rosa believes he has the solution the company needs to make its next iPhone (or ‘Apple Phone’) stand out from all the rest.

New Apple Iphone Concept Images For 2018 5
Antonio De Rosa

In a series of intriguing new concept renderings published to his official blog, De Rosa lays out his case that Apple should not only change the name of its future iPhone, but also give the handset a new look by pushing its iconic notch off to the left-hand side. Check out some of the images below, courtesy of Antonio De Rosa.

But Why Would Apple Move the Notch?

According to De Rosa’s detailed gallery and write-up, the general idea is that moving the notch off to one side of the screen would provide “more room for icons and other information” on the screen, which would itself measure in at 6.7-inches as a result of the design, he says. 

New Apple Iphone Concept Images For 2018 4
Antonio De Rosa

Most importantly, though, moving the notch off to the side would make the Apple Phone look noticeably different from Android copy-cats like the Google Pixel 3, OnePlus 6, LG G7, V40 ThinQ and Huawei P20, De Rosa argues.

New Apple Iphone Concept Images For 2018 12
Antonio De Rosa

Other notable features in De Rosa’s renderings include a device-ejectable stylus, similar to the built-in stylus Samsung includes with its Galaxy Note devices, as well as a new rear-mounted five-lens camera system referred to as the Apple Quadra+, boasting four 12 MP sensors and a massive 20 MP zoom lens.

New Apple Iphone Concept Images For 2018 10
Antonio De Rosa


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