This Gorgeous Wedding Video Was Shot Entirely on Apple’s iPhone X

This Gorgeous Wedding Video Was Shot Entirely on Apple's iPhone X
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Smartphone cameras are getting serious. If you need evidence of that, one couple had their entire wedding video shot on an iPhone X — and the results are utterly impressive.

Shibani Sanghvi and Jay Bhagat were married in Pune and Jodhpur, India last November. And while film and photography company Recall Pictures captured the extravagant and beautiful wedding with traditional still images, the couple’s wedding video was especially unique: Recall shot it entirely on iPhone X. You can see some of the stunning results in the video below.

The video, of course, is a great example of the sheer photographic and filmographic power of the iPhone X. But Recall Pictures claims that it is also the first wedding video ever shot on an iPhone X.

This isn’t the first time that an iPhone has ended up in the hands of wedding photographers. We’ve seen gorgeous wedding videos shot on an iPhone 7 (video below), and beautiful wedding pictures shot using nothing but an iPhone 8 Plus.

But Recall Picture’s wedding film may be the first instance of Apple’s latest and greatest flagship helping to capture a couple’s special day. At least, that we’ve seen so far.

With better camera technology, smartphones have increasingly become tools for professional photographers and filmmakers. Apple’s devices, which arguably have some of the best cameras on the market, have been on the forefront of that shift.

In April 2017, major magazine publisher Condé Nast revealed that two of its publications used shots snapped on an iPhone 7 Plus for their cover photos. Other magazines, like Billboard and Bon Appétit, have used iPhones for cover photos and magazine content, as well.

With the release of the iPhone X, equipped with Apple’s best performing smartphone camera, there’s no doubt that the Cupertino flagship lineup will continue to be used for a variety of creative and artistic endeavors in the future. And with smartphone camera technology improving every year, we can only imagine what the iPhones of the future will be able do with the medium.

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