iPhone Saves 43-Year-Old Owner During Bow and Arrow Attack in Australia

Bow Attack Credit: Light Poet / Shutterstock
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We know that Apple products can and do save lives — but a new report makes it clear that they can be lifesavers in ways you may not expect.

This week, an Australian man’s iPhone managed to save him from an attack from an arrow, News.com.au reported. Yes, the kind of arrow shot from a bow.

Officers from the Richmond Police District responded to a call in the town of Nimbin, New South Wales. When they got there, they found a 43-year-old man who said he was attacked by an assailant armed with a bow and arrow.

Around 9 a.m., the unidentified man said he pulled into his driveway and got out of his car. That’s when he noticed another man standing outside of his property, allegedly armed with the rather unusual weapon.

The victim then held up his iPhone to take a picture of the assailant. It was at that moment that the attacker allegedly shot an arrow at him. The projectile pierced his iPhone, causing it to hit him in the chin, but was otherwise stopped by the body of the device.

It isn’t clear what specific model of iPhone the man owned, but it appears that the device had a third-party screen protector installed.

Reportedly, the impact left a small laceration on the man. But he did not require medical treatment.

When police arrived, they arrested the attacker, a 39-year-old man known to be an acquaintance of the homeowner.

The alleged attacker was taken to a local police station and charged with armed with intent to commit an indictable offense, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and malicious damage.

News.com.au reports that the alleged attacker who was arrested at the scene was granted bail and is set to appear in court on Monday, April 15.

Apple products regularly save lives, or at least help facilitate rescue in dangerous conditions. That ranges from Apple Watch devices detecting deadly heart conditions to iPhones allowing distressed people to easily call first responders.

This also isn’t the first time that an iPhone has specifically stopped a projectile. Last year, an iPhone intercepted a bullet shot at a West Virginia man during a computer sale gone wrong.

But this is the first time that we’ve heard about an iPhone taking an arrow for its owner.

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