Apple’s New Ads Showcase How iPad Can Organize Your Life

Ipad Ads Credit: Apple
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Apple has released a new set of ads that show off the company’s iPad lineup as a better alternative to traditional items like notebooks and laptops.

The stable of 15-second ads all share a similar format and filming style. In the ads, a camera pans over groups of people struggling with everyday problems related to traveling or organization. The camera then settles on a user making their own lives incredibly easy with an iPad.

Two of the ads show users with iPad Pro devices, while the other two depict this year’s 9.7-inch iPad (which, notably, was the first among Apple’s lower-cost tablets to offer Apple Pencil support).

“All Your Stuff” shows a group of people struggling to pack their weekender bags full of sketchbooks, city guides and other paper tomes.

“Travel Simply” contends that traditional notebook computers are clunky and inconvenient to use on airline flights, while the handheld iPad isn’t.

“Organized Notes” and “Paperless Paperwork” both depict Apple’s lower-cost tablet as a potent antidote to desk clutter and disorganization — both at school and at work.

Apple has long taken to branding its various iPad devices as a serious laptop replacement. In spite of that, there’s no evidence that the Mac lineup is going anywhere — and Apple has made it clear that it isn’t going to merge the iPad and Mac lineups anytime soon.

The new ads were posted on Apple’s United Arab Emirates, Singapore and U.K. YouTube channels before debuting on its U.S. channel. They also closely follow an iPhone X ad titled “Memory,” which was published yesterday.

That ad takes place in a memory-challenge gameshow, where a contestant is asked to remember the password he created for online banking earlier that morning. He struggles for nearly the entirety of the commercial, before realizing that he can unlock his banking app with Face ID.

It’s worth noting that at least one iPad Pro device this year is expected to adopt the advanced facial recognition platform, which debuted on Apple’s iPhone X.


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