iOS 15 Lets You Request Refunds Directly Inside of iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps Credit: Wachiwit / Shutterstock
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Most iPhone users, at some point in time, have bought an in-app purchase by mistake. Sometimes it is a kid who grabs a phone and racks up thousands of dollars in charges. Other times, it is a fat finger that chooses the wrong item. New to iOS 15, users can quickly request a refund without jumping through a ton of hoops.

Typically iOS users have to request a refund from Apple’s website, but Apple’s adding a new StoreKit API changes all of that.

The StoreKit API in iOS 15 lets developers add a “Request a Refund” selection within their app. Requesting a refund without leaving the app makes it easier on the consumer who may have inadvertently made a purchase.

When appropriately implemented, the StoreKit API walks users through the refund request.

Users can choose to request a refund, select the in-app purchase they want to refund, and then provide details on why the refund is being requested.

Apple will receive the refund request directly from the app and send an email update within 48 hours. Customers who want to check the status of their submission can also visit Apple’s Report a Problem page.

iOS 15 was revealed earlier this month at WWDC 2021 and is available now as a beta version for developers. The final version of iOS 15 will be released this fall, presumably alongside Apple’s next-generation iPhone 13

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