iOS 14 Lets You Control Your iPhone, Launch Custom Shortcuts by Tapping the Back

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As people get their hands on iOS 14, they are discovering exciting new features that were too small to cover during the keynote speech.

One of our favorite recently discovered feature is the back tap. This ingenious accessibility feature may be handy when you’re in a meeting, exercising, or in a situation where using your phone is difficult.

Noticed by Federico Viticci of MacStories and others, the back tap allows you to perform actions in iOS 14 by merely tapping the back of your phone.

You can perform specific system actions and execute shortcuts with a double or a triple tap on the back of your phone. It even works with a case on the iPhone.

Back tap is added for accessibility reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. It may be more convenient for many people to tap the back of their phone instead of reaching across the screen. It could also be helpful in an emergency when accessing your phone is impossible.

You may not be able to make a call or write text messages, but you could triple tap and send an SOS using a shortcut.

This is just one of several smaller features Apple has added to iOS 14.

Another accessibility feature turns on a listening option that will alert you when your phone hears a familiar sound like a doorbell, smoke alarm, or a crying baby.

There’s also an emoji search option that’ll help you find the perfect emoji without scrolling through the entire emoji catalog.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find a whole lot more of these minor tweaks here. If you find any that aren’t listed, share them in the comments.

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