iOS 14.6 May Be Causing Excessive Battery Drain for iPhone Owners

iPhone Low Battery Widget Credit: Camilo Concha / Shutterstock
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If you haven’t installed iOS 14.6, you may want to wait a few days before downloading the update, especially if you prioritize battery life. According to a growing number of users at Apple’s support forums, iOS 14.6 may have a significant impact on battery life.

iPhone owners commenting on the Apple support forums report their iPhones are draining their battery at a sometimes alarming rate.

One user said that Siri chewed up 70 percent of the battery life while their iPhone XS sat overnight in sleep mode.

Others report a 30 percent drop in battery overnight, while another claims that their battery was draining faster than their smart case could recharge their iPhone.

It is not known why users are experiencing this excessive battery drain. Some people hypothesize that the battery is being taxed by Apple’s new AirTags or the revamped Podcasts app.

There is no hard evidence linking either of these to power consumption. It is observational with users correlating the timing of this issue with the debut of these new products.

Though possible, it is unlikely as some people also noticed that their battery drained even when their phone was in airplane mode and not actively connecting to an AirTag or streaming a podcast.

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