iOS 13 Developer Beta 2 Officially Released: Here’s What’s New

Ios 13 Portrait Lighting Credit: 9to5Mac
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Apple on Monday seeded the second beta version of its upcoming iOS 13 software to developers and it includes a few notable changes.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and new issues, iOS 13 beta 2 also introduces a variety of user-facing changes and other features. Here are just some of the ones that we’ve spotted so far.

New Features in iOS 13 Developer Beta 2

  • High Key Mono: The new Portrait Lightning mode, High-Key Mono, is now available in iOS 13 beta 2.
  • Portrait Mode Slider: Similarly, there’s a new slider that lets users adjust the intensity of Portrait Mode options.
  • “Select All in Mail: You can now “select all” emails in an inbox in Mail.
  • SMB Server Connectivity: While it wasn’t working in iOS 13 beta 1, SMB Server support for the Files app is now working in the second developer beta.
  • APFS Drives: The Files app also supports external drives in APFS format.
  • Notes Checklist Options: Users can now have checked off items in a list automatically moved to the bottom of the list.
  • Downtime for Apple Watch: The Downtime feature of Screen Time now syncs settings with Apple Watch in iOS 13.
  • Safari Share Options: Users can now share a webpage as a PDF or Web Archive in Safari. There’s also a new Show Link Previews setting.
  • New Siri Reply Preferences: You can now have Siri send automated replies without reading them back to you.
  • New Memoji Stickers: There are four new Memoji stickers — the peace sign, fingers crossed, shush and a thinking face.

There are also a slew of other miscellaneous changes, such as a new splash screen for the Apple Maps, Apple TV and HomePod apps; some aesthetic design changes in Calendar; a new icon that indicates whether Voice Control is activated; and some new sounds when using Haptic Touch or Tapback.

How to Download Beta 2

iOS 13 beta 2 should now be available to registered Apple developers as an over-the-air update for devices with the proper configuration profile installed.

By most accounts, iOS 13 beta 2 appears to be fairly stable as far as betas go. But still, back up your devices and try to avoid installing betas on your daily drivers.

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