iOS 12.3.2 Released Today – Here’s Why You Probably Won’t See It

Iphone 8 Plus Iphone Xr Credit: Apple Insider
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Apple on Monday released a relatively minor update to iOS 12.3 about a month after its initial release and just over two weeks after its last minor patch.

The iOS 12.3.2 update, which dropped on Monday, doesn’t introduce any new user-facing features or capabilities. Instead, it basically appears to fix a single bug impacting one product in Apple’s iPhone lineup.

iOS 12.3.2 addresses a problem related to Portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus — and only the iPhone 8 Plus.

In Apple’s own words, “(the update) resolves an issue that could cause Camera to capture Portrait mode photos without depth effect on some iPhone 8 Plus devices.”

So, if you’re not seeing the update on your end, it’s because the build is exclusive to the iPhone 8 Plus. Other devices won’t be able to download it (and, in fact, it won’t show up as an option on any device other than the iPhone 8 Plus).

It’s worth noting that because iOS 12.3.2 is a device-exclusive update, it probably doesn’t contain any security fixes or under-the-hood updates. In other words, it isn’t too critical.

The last update to iOS 12.3, iOS 12.3.1, was also a relatively minor release. It contained several bug fixes, including a couple of issues with Messages and a problem that prevented some users from being able to use VoLTE calls on their iPhones.

Apple is currently in the midst of beta testing two other software updates: iOS 12.4 and iOS 13. While the latter update is packed with new features, it looks like the only major feature iOS 12.4 will introduce is support for the Apple Card, which launches this summer. Because of that, it’s likely that iOS 12.4 will become available when the Apple Card does.

iOS 12.3.2 should now be available to iPhone 8 Plus users as a free over-the-air update. It’s available to download by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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